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February 2018
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A Video Tour of My Food Forest (In Progress)

In fitting with the somewhat theme of this week (I did a show on System Design on Tuesday) I figured that today I would delay a podcast and instead present a video I shot yesterday of my in process food forest. 

*The layers and what will be in each.

*The water flow through the property and what I’m trying to do to slow it down and contain it.

*The path of the sun.  I’m not real happy about it but we’ll see how it works in real life.

*What I’m starting to do to integrate wildlife into the garden and orchard design.

*Some more clearing I have to do and why.

There is likely to be critique of the design and that’s fine but some things that don’t fit convention.

*Yes there is a drainage ditch.  It is necessary and it will help bring more water into the system.

*Yes the trees and other plants are spaced too closely.  This is done to take advantage of the layers below ground.  Based on my research the roots will mingle or move in directions they need to.

*As I mentioned, I’m not happy with the path of the sun.  I get right about 8 hours of full sun on the growing area.  I’d love to have more but I figured the microclimate I want to create with apples and plums is actually a cooler one.  Its really a tossup between the huge windbreaks on each side and the limited sun.  I’m hoping I’ll have less evaporation from both sun and wind and the temperature should be a lot stable.  That’s all just an educated guess at this point.

*The chicken coop – yes its not integrated per se.  Its not the only chicken housing I plan to have.  I had to create a chicken fortress due to the realities of predation in the middle of huge forest.  It is the safest thing I could come up with.

6 comments to A Video Tour of My Food Forest (In Progress)

  • Matty91

    Great video Jason! Where do you get your perennial rye, clover, wheat and barley? ALso, have you found a good source to purchase dwarf fruit trees?

  • Matty91

    What spacing are you using for your fruit trees? Is there a place you can go to see what the spacing should be?

  • Erollins

    Real nice to see how things are coming along. Next time you do a video like this, can you give some compass orientation. It would help us to understand the sunlight issues. Are you planning on getting a dog? They can be great predator discouragers.

  • Jason

    Ed I am planning on getting a dog.  Looking at Finnish Spitz right now.  Not made my mind up yet totally but yes there will be a dog.

  • Jason


    I had something but for the life of me I can’t find it.  For semidwarfs about 20 feet is probably the minimum.  These are at roughly 15-17.  Not real good but when you read up on mychorrizal fungi you tend to have a different view of these things. 

  • Jason


    I bought the rye at Tractor Supply.  The wheat is a wildlife habitat blend from Fish and Wildlife.  I absolutely hate buying trees – they are so expensive.  I’ve been trolling Lowes in two states so when they go on sale I buy them.  I did not pay over 20 bucks for my peach, apples or plum.