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February 2018
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I provide advertisement first as a service to my listeners.  My hope is for this site to eventually be the one stop area for all things sustainable gardening (a lofty dream I know!).  Therefore it is reasonable that I provide information on companies that offer products and services that help my listeners.  The second reason I provide advertisement is to help pay for the costs of running this site and podcast.  Its not a sob story but hosting, domain upkeep (yearly costs), equipment, upgrades, software, subscriptions and services cost right around $100 per month.  That may not sound like a lot but to my wife, it is an expensive hobby.

All advertisement is done as a personal endorsement.  The books I recommend on Amazon I’ve read (sometimes first from the library!), I’ve personally done business with the people or advertisers who hold banners on my website.

Currently I provide two types of advertisement.  I provide banner ads to interested sponsors for a nominal fee of $25 per month (paid in three month installments).  Paid advertisers also get mentions on the podcast.  I will talk about one sponsor per episode.  The ad size is 180×180 max and it will rotate with the other ads, moving down once per day until it recycles at the top.  I also provide affiliate links which pay me per user purchase.  I treat both the same.  If I or a listener finds the service or product to be faulty (for legitimate reasons) I reserve the right to cancel either type (and refund any money owed).

In addition, if you have a gardening product you would like me to try and review and are willing to send me a sample I will be glad to do so.  I will provide at least a written review and mention it on the subsequent podcast.  I will also make every attempt to conduct a video review for products that warrant such things.  Expect all reviews to be done with complete honesty – I work in QA during my day job – I will not sugar coat defects.  Contact me (jason@theselfsufficientgardener.com) for more details.

I’ve said it many times before but I appreciate everyone who supports this show by buying my products or shopping through my sponsors.  I am not doing this show to make a profit.  Every penny above monthly upkeep costs (and sometimes in lieu of) is spent upgrading or purchasing equipment that allows me to do a better show for my listeners.

So…in summary – what does an advertiser get?

1.  Mentions on the podcast and in blog posts (at least once per week).

2.  A 180×180 banner ad which will rotate upward once per day.

3.  Reviews of products and linkbacks

What kind of exposure will my advertisers get?

1.  Each podcast is downloaded on average about 2000 times.

2.  Google Ranks – Gardening Podcast (#3), Gardening (#11), Self-Sufficient (#3 and #5).

3.  Conversion rates on clicks (from product ads) is about 5%.

4.  Between 400 and 1500 visitors to my site per day.

5.  Full Facebook and Twitter involvement.

For what things are my advertisers liable?

1.  $25 per month fee.

2.  Treat my listeners (who also support the show) with respect and solve their issues within reason.

Contact me if you are interested:  Jason@theselfsufficientgardener.com


*Advertising policy gratuituously stolen from and inspired by Jack Spirko’s (The Survival Podcast) method.