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January 2018
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Always Refuse to Pay!

No I’m not advocating stealing.

I stuck my foot in my mouth as I sometimes do on another blog.  I probably made myself look foolish (it happens).

I just get so irritated with people who feign helplessness and end up working a job they hate (like I’m trying to quit doing) or even one they love and trading their money for things they could do themselves.

In the process of gardening (and other aspects of life) always ask yourself:  Should I pay for this?

I’m not saying become a hermit.  I’m not saying that some things aren’t worth the money you spend.  Always refuse to pay first, then if you simply have to…do it reluctantly.

I fight the urge myself.  I need compost…run to the store and buy some or make it.  I need water…turn the hose on or make rainbarrels.  Its hard, its not easy.  It hurts sometimes.  I’ve stuck a chisel in my hand this year, cut my thumb open with a chainsaw (wasn’t running!).  I dislocated my shoulder several times gardening this year (from an old carwreck injury).

I quit getting haircuts.  My wife now does it with a pair of clippers we bought for 20 bucks.  Its almost worth the $15 every two weeks to save the arguments.

I’m not complaining I promise.

I’m just saying that when you do things yourself you save money and empower yourself to do other things.

1 comment to Always Refuse to Pay!

  • Scott (XombieChow)

    Hey I am totally on board with you here boss. I have started looking for more and more ways to spend less and provide more by doing for myself what I would have paid for. Stuff like reusing perfectly good zip locks, refilling water bottles with filtered water, and letting good ol’ nice weather in the windows as opposed to turning the A/C on when applicable are great ways to use and reuse what we have around us to save more and waste less. Nice post. I think you earned yourself a new listener. Thanks for you help with the podcast idea 🙂