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January 2018
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Dear Government – Stay the Hell Out of My Food!

It has been said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  By association its easy to see government as a demonic force ever intruding into our lives and tempting us with safety and comfort and leaving us worse off for the effort.
Every year it seems government encroaches just a little further and takes ever increasing steps between We the People and our food supply.  This is done in various guises.  Most often its some new regulation to “protect” us from ourselves.  As if we did not know what was best for us.  To put things in perspective this is the government (collectively) that led us to war in Iraq (and leading to Iran), that currently has saddled us with almost 16 trillion in debt (over $50K per man, woman and child).  This is a government that allows Big Ag companies to test their own products but somehow a faceless corporate entity is better equipped to determine what my family needs…nay, is allowed to eat. 
With these “wonderful” intentions and all that money they print the results must be fantastic, right?  Well according to the government it is.  Of course the government only surveys 10 states and gets to adjust its data for various things.  They run it through a statistics program and do a regression study (There’s lies, damn lies and statistics – Mark Twain) and this is the result. 

So for incidents it doesn’t look so horrible but even they admit that Vibrio and E.Coli are following upward trends.  Of course when you run the numbers and comb through four years of reports you find out this:

2006 – 22% hospitalization, 0.42 Case Fatality Rate

2007 – 21% hospitalization, 0.35 Case Fatality Rate

2008 – 24.6% hospitalization, 0.49 Case Fatality Rate

2009 – 23% hospitalization, 0.43 Case Fatality Rate

Which tends to make the whole situation look quite…stable.  So despite the government’s money and time and effort things have not gotten that much better.  But at least they haven’t taken any of our freedom to get to this point….right? 

If you go to foodsafety.gov this is the message you get:

The USDA, Health and Human Services, FDA, NIH and CDC – billions in taxpayer dollars, and this is the best they can come up with?  Because I always eat with dirty utensils!  Thank goodness someone put out a message so I can stop doing it!

The big government proponent will point to the many successes of the government and their ability to keep the population safe.  Some will give the example of common 1890’s food additives such as boric acid (roach poison) and formaldehyde (embalming fluid).  So things have improved, but how much?  Instead of pesticides in the form of boric acid we are now consuming massive amounts of BT, glyphosate residues.  Instead of formaldehyde we now deal with Ammonia Hydroxide in pink slime and other processed meats. 

We’ve essentially went from a food system where industry worked in their best interest to one where the government and industry work together in their best interest.  All talk of safety in the food supply is an illusion meant to frighten the public into buying into the myth that we don’t know what’s best to put in our bodies. 

The following map illustrates the ability of an American living in his/her state and their ability and right to purchase raw milk (courtesy of www.farmtoconsumer.org):


In Wisconsin you can’t sell raw milk on your farm to a willing buyer:

Despite passing by wide margins in the Wisconsin Legislature, on May 19 Governor Jim Doyle vetoed Senate bill 434, a bill that would have legalized the on-farm sale of raw milk by Grade A dairies if requirements contained in the bill were met. The bill had passed 25-8 in the Senate and 60-35 in the General Assembly. Doyle vetoed the bill despite indicating several weeks earlier that he was leaning towards signing it.

In his veto message, the Governor stated, “The sale of unpasteurized milk has become an increasingly contentious issue in Wisconsin and around the country. I recognize that there are strong feelings on both sides of this matter, but I must side with public health and the dairy industry.”


Since when does an industry’s best interest come before the best interest of the public?  Well since industry figured out that bribery is totally legal as long you call yourself a lobbyist and don’t literally hand off a suitcase full of cash. 

The most recent attack is on heritage breed hog farmers in MI.  A recently passed law states:

Possession of the following live species, including a hybrid or genetic variation of the species, an egg or offspring of the species or of a hybrid or genetically engineered variant, is prohibited; . . . . (b) Wild boar, wild hog, wild swine, feral pig, feral hog, feral swine, Old world swine, razorback, eurasian wild boar, Russian wild boar (Sus scrofa Linnaeus). This subsection does not and is not intended to affect sus domestica involved in domestic hog production.” [3, § 40.4]

Though the law – ostensibly is meant to halt the spread of feral (wild) pigs and associated diseases and parasites – has done is loosely lump in all pigs that aren’t the “accepted” CAFO farm varieties (fat pink pigs).  So what has happened is again that a law that can be interpreted in various ways to allow a state government to take freedoms away has been allowed to pass and stand.  Though there is no direct evidence, its assumed that pork industry dollars were somehow involved in “convincing” Michigan lawmakers to pass such regulations. 

In summary every effort that the government (local, state or federal) has taken to halt any of the problems with the food system has not only not had a positive effect but rather has exacerbated those negative effects while taking our freedoms away to choose what goes into our bodies!

 Now I despise situations when a problem is clearly identified and communicated but no solution is put forth.  The solution here is simple but not necessarily easy (depending upon where you live).  Grow your own food when possible, buy local and support your local grower.  Don’t just support with your dollars and business.  Support by telling others.  Support by calling legislators.  Don’t think what happens in one state can’t happen in another.  It doesn’t matter what state you live in.  When another state pulls some crap and your fellow homesteaders, farmers and food producers need help – lend it!


4 comments to Dear Government – Stay the Hell Out of My Food!

  • Matthew in gooseneck ga


  • Anonymous

    Great article!  However I have lost all hope of existing or trying to survive in this new America that now flies our flag backwards and sending trillions of dollars to Israel and allowing them to come here in Indiana to test chemicals, genetically modified crops, and frankenfoods instead of contaminating their own soil, ground waters and causing illnesses.  Then having a governor cover it all up and passing legislation to ensure any information about it is secret.  Not to mention his police state activities and us losing most of our Constitutional rights.

    Terre Haute is like living in the Soviet Union.  Police to animal control/code enforcement no longer need warrants or probable cause to come onto your property or in our house.  Though on the news they propagandize about doing such a thing… they are. 

    Animals rights communist/fascist have made it impossible to grow our own meat animals.  New ordinances state no more than like six chickens.  Wording in these new ordinances are very ambiguous.  The local feminist and city dwellers don’t think we should grow our own food due to possible use of chemicals to creating some disease that might infect the entire community.  They tell me that some terrorist might sneak into my property and poison something or give my meat rabbits some kind of WMD in the form of bio-warfare or small-pox or something stupid.  Then even since I don’t sell or now give anything away from my garden or the same with rabbits… I would eat the laced lettuce or rabbit or chicken then go out and spread it to the community making me a health hazard and un-knowing domestic terrorist.

    Going to town hall meetings here in this fascist far left police state of a town does no good.  The media of course won’t tell truth or report local happenings or of corruption, or how the many special interest groups here rule our lives with the help of law makers made up of nothing but fascist socialist libs that hate individual freedoms and rights.  We go complain about this city, the many restrictive laws, loss of property rights and etc, and local activist become enraged for daring to be challenged or faced with facts.  We face jack-booted thugs, inspections, harrassment and harm by local activist and their younger college crowd purveyors.

    State legislators are the same.  Loyal to massive nepotism, local cliques, and etc.  Mostly progressives, liberals, again, and won’t respond to complaint, questions, or reasoning.  Yes, even under a so-called Republican governor.  Both sides of the equation are just as bad as the other, and they all want total control of our lives.  Now they have it and I’m not kidding.

    I’m an old man.  The city even prevented a company wanting to buy me out thinking I could move.  I don’t have the life or lifestyle I had five years ago and very far away from my rights and freedoms and ability to have a small self-sufficient hobby like farm here.  This county/fire union/local government/special interest groups/female groups/urbanites/city mice…. doesn’t even think we citizens  have the right to have a wood burner!  Or after burning wood, having a garden, raising meat animals all our lives… still must live according to them and think they ALL MUST  save me from my self or some boogey man Arab terrorist… that couldn’t find my hidden home with a map.  I’m a veteran…. and I hate this government, this sick society filled with fascist control freaks and communist.  I never dreamed I’d see this stinking country turn out this bad and corrupt and filled with spineless uncaring brain-washed sheep.  Sad indeed.

  • Agorculture

    Right on, Jason! This has my blood boiling! Our ancestors would have tarred and feathered those thugs! Under the guise of safety, the government has attacked our God given rights to communicate, to interact with our neighbors, to feed ourselves, to look after our own and family’s health, to earn a living; these are attacks on our very right of existence! Have food or health gotten better since these agencies were created a century ago?

    About the solutions, I would also advocate the creation of alternative/underground networks to trade and rally to support the victims of government bullying. (In fact, that is the basis of my screen name.) Be careful, though and practice OPSEC – agencies are mining the internet and social media for any “crime of the day” that they happen to decide to persecute to further their power grab.  

  • Ash

    I know some will do what’s best for themselves and the public when it comes to raising food, but do remember there’s plenty of people out there who put profit far above safety. THOSE people are the source of the issue. The rest of the people and government just hasn’t figured everything else regarding how to regulate to protect from blatent disregard or the choice of profit over quality/safety.

    The lobbyists are an issue too in that the ones with the money are twisting the regulations to benefit themselves and their personal margins and especially trying to have large marketshare.

    Let’s face it, the BP spill from neglect and ‘self governing’ isn’t the best answer either. corporations and even individuals repeatedly choose the now issues over the later consequences. Not always but more than enough to be harmful.