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February 2018
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Does Santa Garden? – Great Christmas Gifts for Gardeners

I have to admit that I’m not much of a holiday person (despite the fun of giving gifts).  Why did they have to put the holidays in the gloomiest time of the year?  And why do I sound like Andy Rooney (RIP!)?  I mean sure I can go hunting, that’s something.  But the cold weather pretty much cuts out my other two favorite activities – fishing and gardening. 

Well if you can’t garden the next best thing is THINKING about gardening and what better way to think about gardening than to organize tools, seeds, plan and decide what new toys…err I mean tools…you need for the coming gardening season?  Now I admit that trying to be a self-sufficient gardener the more tools we can avoid using the better.  However we have to keep in mind that there are tools that can make us more, not less self-sufficient. 

With that said, here are some gardening products that are on my wish list for this year (disclaimer: These are affiliate links!).

I need more seed starting places like I need another hole in the head. I’ve got my seed starting rack I built from PVC (and documented on YouTube). I’ve got my new greenhouse, my coldframe. I could go on… So why do I feel the urge to purchase this product? Very simply – you can’t have enough seed starting spaces. For those who are limited by space or construction abilities (should have played with Legos as a kid!) this is a great looking product.

I used a smaller version of this product last year. I was skeptical. I mean sure it gave off a nice psychadelic purple glow (makes me want to listen to some Hendrix!). But would it work? It sure did. I was able to alternate my tomato seedlings from the fluorescent to this setup and they never missed a lick! And this was cooler and saved electricity!

Trying to pick up an armful of leaves is like herding cats. In fact, when something is really hard they should just say “like picking up an armful of leaves” and lay off the cat herds. This product is a nice way to keep your money out of the swear jar.

If I’ve got more than one tool in the garden I always end up dropping one onto the soil and then spending about ten minutes trying to find it. Then I realize I’ve stomped it into the soil. I need an organizer bad so I’m really considering adding one of these to my reportoire.

Its a sad statement that I’ve never actually stayed at a place long enough to have a fruit tree so tall I couldn’t stand on my tiptoes to harvest. Well there is a very large pear tree where I’m staying. And four plus semi-dwarf fruit trees and where I’m moving to – and I ain’t leavin’. Therefore I have a suspicion that I’m going to need one of these in the future.

And now for the Pièce de résistance! This thing is awesome. I’ve admittedly had trouble propagating cuttings, air layering, root layering, tip layering and any other type of layering. Anything I can buy or build that will help me save money by propagating my own plants gets a huge thumbs up from me!