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February 2018
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Duck Hunt on Kentucky Lake

Some video I shot of my brother and I (well really he was the only one with a gun) duckhunting on Kentucky Lake. He ended up shooting at some coots. I ended up using his gun later to shoot at (and miss) a large river otter. It happens!

3 comments to Duck Hunt on Kentucky Lake

  • Erollins

    Ahh Brought back alot of memories. I haven’t been waterfowl hunting in years. Growing up on the Eastern Shore of MD, I spent a many an hour in a duck blind or in a goose pit with my grandfather and our Lab “Buddy.” Every Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner had duck, goose and oysters that we had harvested. I still have a chip in my front tooth from a, too late found, piece of shot. I still have the Winchester model 12 I used for duck and the LC Smith 10 ga I used for goose. Both given to me by my grandfather.

  • Jason

    LC Smith, wow that is a collector’s item!

    Ouch on the shot.  I’m betting it was lead, if it were steel the tooth would be gone!  LOL


  • Erollins

    Yea, the LC smith is now a dispay item. The damascus barrel is just too dangerous to shoot, though I’d love to.

    The shot was definitly lead. That happened in the 60’s. I’m sure I’m just a paint chip away from gone.