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January 2018
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Episode 101 Listener Questions and Feedback

Today I take another round of questions and feedback.

*How does one transition from raised beds to in ground planting?  What’s different, risks, rewards?

*Step in Nova Scotia sent in this cool video about bee communication.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NtegAOQpSs

*How much fertilizer/compost/nutrients does a tomato plant need?

*More tomato pruning questions.  Why did my tomato plant quit flowering?  When should they flower?

*My thoughts on starting a new blog/podcast.  My philosophy on linking.

4 comments to Episode 101 Listener Questions and Feedback

  • Ronda

    Enjoyed the show as always, I plant in the ground and use raised beds. Recently I tested my soil and to my surprise the soil was about the same in both. This is funny because I fuss over my raised beds and do all sorts of “extras” to improve the soil. I am going to take your suggestion and just let things grow and see what happens. I have a bad case of OCD when it comes to my garden. LOL!

  • Jason


    Hi, thanks for sharing.  I rarely get any comments that agree with me on my raised bed stance.  Just in time too, as I eat some crow and am forced to build a few when I get moved until I get can get the soil worked.  I know what you mean about OCD though!

    Take care,


  • Matthew from gooseneck

    JJason great show today. Listen your frustrations come because you care. You have passion for what you do. Try not looking at the # of downloads for a week. Focus on your product.
    I love what u do. I am telling everyone I know about it too. This is big what you have. I am into it. I live in farm country. So when I discuss what I’m doing I always hear that it will not work. So far it has worked. Keep your head up dude. Maybe take a vacation . I’ll keep listening.
    If your ever down near Savannah, ga shoot me an email.

    Matthew from gooseneck, ga

  • Jason

    Thank you brother for the kind words!  I shouldn’t whine.  I have more faithful listeners and blessings in all ways than any guy could hope to have.  I guess everyone needs a pity part every once in a while.

    Take care!