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February 2018
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Episode 102 Gardening = Independence

In honor of our (US) Independence Day I wanted to do a show about how gardening equals independence even if we don’t necessarily think of it that way.

*A short history of  Victory Gardens and the concept behind them.  They weren’t just a great morale booster.

*How gardening makes us more independent of systems of dependence by lowering food costs, keeping us out of unnecessary wars, and giving the government less control over our lives.

*How gardening in a manner that is self-sufficient can further our independence.



10 comments to Episode 102 Gardening = Independence

  • Candy

    Jason, I’m having trouble finding how to download this episode. I’m am sometime tech challenged, but I’ve been able to manage on the others. This can wait til you have time.  Enjoy the 4th!!  Down with the Red Coats!

  • Jason


    Sorry about that.  Not sure what happened but I redid the attachment and that seemed to do it.  Strange.  Thanks for letting me know and I hope you enjoy Independence Day as well!


  • Candy

    Thanks, Jason. I always look forward to your shows, all of them.  It’s great down to earth info and entertaining as well.

  • Matthew from gooseneck

    great pic of your son standing beside your mansion! That is a lot of food security knowledge packs! Just kidding. Hope you had good holiday weekend!

  • Jason

    Thank you, that’s very kind of you to say.


  • Jason

    Oh that’s the mansion next door! 

    Hope you had a good one too man!


  • Agorculture

    Perfect timing! I spent the holiday and took a few days off work to build Hugelkulture beds, with the assistance of the youth group from my church.

  • John


    I enjoyed your cast, but I see the independence differently.  Most states do not charge tax on groceries and I believe the government has let us down by not protecting us from insecticide ridden, genetically modified produce (vegetables) that big business has pushed on uneducated consumers.  It is curious to me that you see gardening making you independent from government, but I see it as making me independent of out of control bug business.  It is control over what you eat that makes both of us independent even though I do not subscribe to your conservative view and you do not subscribe to by liberal view.  Keep on gardening.


  • Jason


    Thanks and I respect your viewpoint.  However I don’t see how think I treated government any differently than big business or that my viewpoint is any more conservative or liberal. 

    I paraphrase myself:  “I don’t think you should garden for just one reason.  I don’t think you should garden JUST for fun, or just for independence or JUST FOR THE HEALTHY FOOD {which I consider food to be devoid of insecticides, herbicides and genetic manipulation}.  I think you should do it for all of the reasons”.

    I guess my point is that I don’t consider gardening liberal or conservative.  I think to think of it as being more fitting with any ideology doesn’t fit.  Gardening is the most anarchist act we can undertake.  It doesn’t say “I don’t need the liberals or conservatives.”  Rather:  “I don’t need ANY government, people were doing this before mankind was being saddled with laws (and regulations)”.

    Furthermore I don’t even separate the terms big business and government in my head anymore.  As this country creeps closer and closer to fascism (from all parties) they become two heads of the same beast.  When we deny money to the government we can deny money to one side of the revolving door that allows a company like Monsanto to not just operate outside the law but rather with its blessing. 

    But I agree with you that gardening makes us independent and as long as we find our own independence in it, its a worthwhile cause.


  • Steve

    Love the picture.  Just hope the Dervaes family doesn’t try and come after you for daring to have a hand in the air holding a trowel and use the word independence at the same time.