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February 2018
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Episode 109 Bluebirds

It is my belief that birds have a bad reputation in the garden.  We tend to look at them as seed eaters and beneficial insect assassins.  While there are certain birds that offer more detriment than benefits we should not lump the extremely helpful ones in with the miscreants!

Of all the beneficial birds out there I believe that this beautiful blue little bird is the best for the gardener to invite in and take care of.

*Bluebirds eat things that beneficial insects just can’t tackle.

*Bluebirds are pretty to look at.

*Bluebirds enhance garden ecosystems.

Tune in to discover:

*Origins and evolution of bluebirds.

*What bluebirds need.

*General housing requirements for bluebirds.

*Food requirements both to draw in and to keep.

*Water requirements.

Note:  I actually (wrongly) downplayed the significance of MOST birds in the garden.  Though the robin does occasionally snatch an earthworm it should be noted that it will also eat the larval stage of many pest insects.  All birds have a place in the garden despite the small bits of harm they dole out – the benefit will almost always outweigh the harm.  Its not that all birds aren’t helpful but the Bluebird is the pinnacle garden bird.


5 comments to Episode 109 Bluebirds

  • Steve

    Great podcast again, Jason.  Interesting timing.  I just put a blog post up about making sure there is water available for wildlife in the form of bird baths, pans, etc so they leave our drip lines alone.

    I hope your area is seeing more moisture than we are!


  • Jason


    We are not!  But thanks for hoping.  LOL  Feels like Texas here right now too. 

    That can’t be stressed enough about the water for wildlife.  You can’t build a sustainable system without setting up the things they need and want so I agree.
    Take care,

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  • Sam

    Well maybe, …. but …  What would you say about the little monsters attacking your car ferociously and then following it in all the way into the garage?  It seems that they are attacking their own image in the window glass but literally they are all over it before you can even get out.  I mean, five or six bombers at a time  ….. reminiscent of the Alfred Hitchcock movie, “Birds”.  … and, that’s not the end of the story;  within minutes they “whitewash’ the entire car, all four sides in poop.  This goes on all day long if the car stays out.  I honestly don’d see how they do it.  (Must consume buckets of bugs)!   Discouraging, especially if you like to keep your car clean.  You don’t even have time to bring the groceries in.  It is disgusting.

    Add to that …. they are just plain hateful  ….. when they see me coming (and out of the car), even at some distance they immediately fly up and way, but only temporarily. Then they return.   They know!

    What they haven’t considered, yet, is that I am a pretty good shot with a Model 12!  Heh heh  KABOOOOOM!