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January 2018
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Episode 114 Slugs

Though slugs would be having a tough time in this dry dry heat wave we are having right now they are still a formidible garden pest when the weather is wet and cooler.


*Why slugs are mollusks.  Where are their shells?

*What weather and plants they prefer.

*Why salt is the slug’s mortal enemy.

*Some ways to control them and the good and bad of each method.

*Some alternative control methods and my theories.

*Some slug predators and the obvious reasons not to fear them!

5 comments to Episode 114 Slugs

  • Erollins

    Jason, thanks again for the show. I haven’t had too much problems with slugs in the garden but I work with a guy who is a slug. I tried sprinkling salt on him. It didn’t work. But, I think the beer trap might work.

    Thanks again.

  • Thanks for the show!  I’m the Stephanie that suggested it 🙂  It’s been so cool and wet here that I still actually have slugs around but they haven’t bothered my meager garden.  I see them on the back roads chewing up any vegetation that drops there along with any droppings that end up there.  Seems like they are part of natures “clean up crew”.  Too bad sometimes they think strawberries and lettuce need cleaning up.

    Thanks again.  One of my favorite podcasts! 

  • Jason

    Not a problem Stephanie, glad I could help!


  • Agorculture

    Great show! I listened to it today when I visited the site of the first CSA and PDC in the USA and was reminded of a quote of either Bill Mollison or Geoff Lawton – a slug problem is really a duck deficiency! Ducks may tear up your garden, though. I wonder which species are edible and how to prepare them? Perhaps a show on Heliculture?