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January 2018
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Episode 117 Beets

In today’s episode I talk about the beet.  The beet is probably one of the most underutilized, least planted crops in the US.  However it is probably one of the best in terms of ease to grow, nutrition and taste (in my opinion anyway!).

Tune in today to learn:

*What other garden plants (and weeds) that are closely related to beets.

*Why I think beets are one of the best sustenance crops one can grow.

*Basics on growing beets.


6 comments to Episode 117 Beets

  • Mark

    Another beet fan! I enjoyed this episode. This year I’m growing golden beets in addition to the red and they’re really beautiful. I was surprised to hear you say you buy pickled eggs? You probably  know this but they’re so easy to make! Just toss them (hard boiled of course) in with the beets when you pickle them. It’s amazing how the beet color penetrates all the way through the yolk. I want to try a batch with the afore-mentioned golden beets and see if I can get golden eggs. Thanks for the podcast! — Mark

  • Great podcast, Jason. I’m going to add beets to our fall garden plan.  They are a really unique looking plant as well.  I like that so many of our vegetables are actually “ornamental”.  I also like the idea that 100% of the plant is edible. 

  • Jason


    I never seem to have eggs and beets at the same time lately.  I’ve never made them.  My wife loathes me messing with red beet juice in the kitchen.  I seem to get it everywhere.  The gold beets might be made for me.  I forgot to mention the different varieties.


  • jason


  • jason

    Good article.