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February 2018
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Episode 119 Technology For Gardeners

In today’s episode I talk about some technology that I find useful as a gardener.

While I see people get constantly hung up on the self-sufficient part of the show’s name to me self-sufficiency is an ethereal concept.  Anything that saves you money, makes you more efficient, and puts you in touch with nature is self-sufficient to me.  You make your own definition.

*A message about the future of the show and how I see things playing out.

*Why I think some tech can actually make you MORE self-sufficient.

*Weather.com (or the channel, or just your local news forecast) can really help you plan for future events in your garden.

*Apps/smartphones – There are so many things that can be done with Apps and your smartphone in general.  Why I like smartphones so much as a gardener?  You can take it with you in the garden.

*Digital publications – There is so much info on the internet, a lot of it underutilized.

*Some tech that I personally have little use for in the garden and why.


6 comments to Episode 119 Technology For Gardeners

  • Robertskula

    Don’t get all doom and gloom about the podcast. I love that three times a week I can escape into gardening bliss. You incite has given me the knowledge and confidence to garden. This summer I went all out, moving from just a few containers to a real garden. The highlights include 30 tomato plants and 25 pepper plants. You have been there for me from seed to harvest.
    Thank you for all the hard work you have put in,  
    Rob S

  • Jason


    Thanks for your comments.  Sometimes I have to vent and since you guys and gals all feel like family sometimes you get the results of said venting. 

    By the way- 30 tomato plants!  Wow. 

    Thanks again.

  • Matthew from gooseneck, ga

    jason I just listed to this. I’m sorry the podcast is not doing as well as you hoped. I really like it. I have learned so much from listening to you. Listening to you lead me to start my first garden. So you are making a difference.

  • Jason

    Thanks Matthew.  And thanks for your questions!

  • Jason this episode’s won’t play/download!

  • Jason

    Jace – I’m sorry but I was not happy with these episodes – the content or the quality.  So I took them down.