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February 2018
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Episode 134 Interview – Joe Jenkins on Humanure

I’ve had a lot of success getting great people on to interview and today’s guest is no exception.  You all have asked me about humanure and I thought that there was no better person to get on and explain that subject than the guy who wrote The Humanure Handbook himself.

Joe works around the world teaching people how to compost their manure and use it to grow food.   There’s nothing more sustainable than recycling your waste!

Tune in today as we discuss:

*Why Humanure gets a bad rap.  Could the government be involved somehow?

*Why there is no waste in a sustainable system (so smack me if I use the word!).

*Why my previous advice about not composting meat, dairy and bread might be just plain wrong.

*Why turning compost (thankfully I’m not a “turning advocate”) is also wrong. 

*The humanure composting method.  From your restroom to rich fertile soil.

*Some more reasons and an example why we need to burn down our preconceptions when it comes to some things.

*What will composting neutralize in the way of pathogens and even drugs?

Be sure to visit Joe’s website/store and help support the work he does. – www.humanurehandbook.com

You can find the aid organization that Joe works with here – www.GiveLove.org