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January 2018
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Episode 144 Updates From The Homestead

Today I bring you some updates from my homestead.  You all asked for it and wanted it so here it is!

Homestead 1 (where I’m renting)

  • The Goat Project (Fail)
  • How the chickens are doing in the tractor
  • Hazelnuts, hazelnuts, hazelnuts

Homestead 2 (The Cabin at Blood River)

  • More hazelnuts almost 100 to be exact.  They are literally everywhere (including using fallen trees for pots).
  • The things that need to be done (and are progressing) to get the cabin liveable.  Electric, septic and water.
  • My plans for pigs to essentially fertilize everything I grow by gravity.  Pretty neat if I do say so myself.
  • The duck run in front of the garden.  What I’m planting near it and why. 
  • The garden killing zone.
  • More!




1 comment to Episode 144 Updates From The Homestead

  • I had wondered how you would handle chickens getting out around the bottom since my birds are major diggers! 

    I think I could live comfortably in a small house, but I would need a really big storage place.  A small home is actually a nice idea.

    Construction is the pits! LOL!  And every person that comes in to work damages things.  At our last place I specifically instructed the contractor to keep his subs out of the newly planted pecan orchard.  About a week into the project, I found huge ruts in the orchard and a pile of CONCRETE under one of our experimental varieties.  I had smoke coming out of my ears to say the least.  We had 40 acres and these guys chose our 1 acre of pecans to mess around in.  Geez!

    The runoff idea sounds ideal.  We’re putting a small bed behind the chicken coop hoping for the same results.  The soil behind our chicken coop is unbelievably fertile and gets more water than most places because I’m always dumping the chickens’ water to clean it, plus I spray out the coop boxes and floors.  All that stuff runs out and has really improved the soil.

    I’m amazed at how much you are getting done!  I feel like a lazy bum now~  🙂