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February 2018
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Episode 152 Low Budget Greenhouse

Today’s show is basically more or less the story of how I built my 6×10′ greenhouse for ~$225.   I did this in a weekend by myself.  If you haven’t priced greenhouses lately you might not know that a greenhouse of this size sells for over $600 if not much more.

I talk about the tools required – Hammer, saw, drill, ratchet set (or wrench), level

The materials required – 2×4’s, 2×2’s, 4×4’s (all treated) some lag bolts and washers, a few firring strips (treated also), nails and some greenhouse plastic.

The process is relatively straightforward and I walk you through step by step.

Then I finish up by giving some tips on how to make a greenhouse warmer and what kinds of temps you can expect!

Done (before trimming and filling in the sides with dirt)

8 comments to Episode 152 Low Budget Greenhouse

  • Jeff Evraets

    Nice. I am in the process of building mine (actually a hoop house). You can follow my progress at my blog…
    Do you mind if I link to yours?

  • Jason

    Sure and I’ll check it out!Thanks

  • Erollins

    Check out 30 gal drums. They should fit through your door. I put several (painted black and filled with water) in mine and they do alot to smooth out that nighttime heat loss. I also use them for for my seed starting by laying some salvaged paneling across the top for a shelf. They seem to keep the seed beds at or near 70 degrees even at night. My brocolli germinated in 4 days. i wasn’t getting that in my garage. My next step is to rig up a “sky cover” following Steven’s advise.

    When will you be moving into the Homestead fulltime? And tell Jackson that his rifle belongs between yours. I expect to see his 22 and 20ga there soon.

  • Jason

    Ed – Very good idea.  Problem here is I can’t find em.  Remember O Brother Where Art Thou?  Aint this a geographical oddity!  Exactly two days from everywhere!  LOL  They sound awesome though! 

    I’m hoping to move by May but everyone says I’m crazy.  I don’t mind sleeping on plywood and using an outhouse though! 


  • A little late to the party, but great episode Jason! Can’t believe this puppy only cost you $225. Wow. Glad you put in a plug at the end to come to the site and check out the pictures, cause the audio can’t come close to explaining how sturdy this guy looks.

    Great prep, and thanks for passing along. 

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Dan!  And not a problem.  My hope is that others try this and find out just how easy and fun it is!

  • Alton Trevor

    Hey Jason I listened to the podcast twice. Great info man! But either Im a slow learner or I never heard who you ordered the greenhouse plastic through. Theres so many options online, Id like to work with a reputable operation… Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Alton – Nope I just never mentioned it.  I don’t really remember – I know that’s bad to say.  I think it was greenhousemegastore.com.  I know I’ve ordered other things from them and they were pretty good!