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February 2018
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Episode 168 April Homestead Updates

Today’s episode is another installment of what’s happening around the homestead. 

  • Updates to the cabin – its coming along finally.
  • How astounded I am with my little 10×15′ pond.  Its full of life.

  • How we’ve totally skipped spring and I’m already into most of my after last frost date plantings.

  • Food forest updates – so far everything survived the winter including a grape vine I butchered moving from our previous house.
  • Updates to my seed mix.  It has worked well at this point.
  • The benefits are being seen from the greenhouse.
  • Updates on all the chickens new and old.

  • Still building rabbit hutches – I might never be done!
  • Foraging and exploring updates.

5 comments to Episode 168 April Homestead Updates

  • Steve

    Great episode Jason.  Nice to know you and I are sort of on parallell paths.  I to will be moving into my new home in May.  As for trapping beaver, it’s been a few years since i was active, but they need to be dried in a strange circular pattern, rather then the rectangular method used on Muskrats.  Not sure about demand any loger either, but remember the Castor Gland has value too.

    I’m working on a first hand review of broadforks and wheel hows & cultivaors for breaking in new land.   I’ll be growing the same way you do this time, with local soil, and no “supported” raised beds.  Might be tiome for another joint podcast discussion soon since we are moving toward self sufficiency.

    great listen


  • […] The Self Sufficient Gardener also talked about how well all of his seedlings did in the greenhouse this year and how resilient those plants are now that they are in the garden. I can’t think of a better situation than growing seedlings out in a greenhouse rather than an elaborate seed-starting contraption with grow lights in the house. Plus they don’t need to endure weeks of hardening off. How great would that be? […]

  • Jason

    Absolutely brother!

    Yeah we have dried hides in so many manners.  Believe it or not at one time my brother and I had a dryer (with no heating element) in the garage to use for tumbling hides to break them up.  I’ve got tons of stupid trapping stories!  Look for an email soon!Jason

  • Jcolliard

    I am cursed with a greenhouse that has been infiltrated first by birds (until I netted the ceiling vents) and then by mice! I am setting some traps so we’ll see-I caught one mouse so far. But definitely much better than trying to start under lights. I may just direct sow a lot of stuff or get starts at my local garden center. The mice don’t eat the seedlings (the birds did) but the mice dig up and eat the seeds themselves-so annoying! I wish the mountain lions and bobcats would go after the mice instead of my barn cats!

  • Mike

    I love the updates. They help to keep me moving towards my own goals. Thanks for the inspiration.