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February 2018
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Episode 169 Chicken Myths and Misconceptions

Today I tackle some myths and misconceptions about raising chickens. 

Whether you raise them for meat, eggs or simply as pets I’m sure you hear some of these misconceptions repeated to you as fact:

  • Feeding layers eggshells will absolutely result in cannabilizing of eggs.
  • You have to have a rooster if you want good egg production.
  • Keeping chickens will give you bird flu.
  • Confining chickens is inhumane.

If we should let the animal express itself and when given the choice it won't leave the tractor - what does that say?

  • Chickens are vegetarians.
  • Brown eggs taste better/are more nutritious.
  • You should give your chickens run of the garden.
  • Hens lay all the time.

  • Chickens are stupid.
  • Chickens are dirty.

Learn where these myths come from and learn the reasons why they simply aren’t true (well all the time anyways).

11 comments to Episode 169 Chicken Myths and Misconceptions

  • Shorty


    You mentioned that you put down wood chips, let the chickens do their do and then on the garden it goes. Could I use grass clippings? Wood chips I have to pay for, grass clippings I have literally loads of.

  • Mil

    How appropriate! We were just talking about getting some chickens around here since I am quite the consumer of eggs…

  • Sherral

    Thanks for the great podcast! I’m really enjoying your show!

  • Jason

    I hear that you like to eat them on top of potatoes and brag about it!  LOL

  • Jason


    You could but you might want to let it age a bit first.  The same reason I think of wood chips as 2nd best mulch is the reason that makes them 1st best at chicken bedding.  They soak up the urea and begin composting as soon as it drops.  If you let the grass dry a bit it would probably help.  If not, just age it a month or so and give it a shot (small doses on a few plants at first!).  Good question!


  • Jason

    Rooster juice! :). Favorite two words from this episode. I have noticed those spots on the eggs before and just thought it was something funky going on with formation.
    Thanks for the info.
    Your rowdy rooster that would run up to ya “to kick some butt”, sounds like our Plymouth Rock. He attempts to attack my wife and daughter almost daily. He’s pretty smart, while you are looking at him he seems docile, but tun you back, and he’s on ya like white on rice.

  • Matthew in gooseneck ga

    We have a mean rooster to. You cannot turn your back on him! If he attacks my lil girl again he is going to the stew pot! My wife has already given him one stay of execution.

  • Jason


    Sometimes with eggs and no rooster you get little calcium deposits but to me there are slight differences when they are fertile. 

    That might be the first Plymouth Rock I’ve ever heard of that was mean.  You hardly ever see agression in Asiatic breeds.  Jason

  • Jason

    I think they make up for everything trying to eat them by being bastards!