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January 2018
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Episode 172 Advanced Rabbit Topics with Rick Worden from Rise and Shine Rabbitry

Today we are lucky enough to welcome back to the show Rick Worden from Rise and Shine Rabbitry.

Last time we discussed the basics of raising rabbits.  Today Rick tackles some questions about advanced topics for the more experienced rabbit breeder.  Including:

Breeding questions

  • Features to look for to enhance with a breeding program.
  • When do you make the decision to cull?  What brings on that decision?
  • How does linebreeding work to enhance breeding stock and quantity?
  • How do you tell if the doe is bred prior to the hair pulling?
  • If you are not sure your doe is bred or not, is it safe to rebreed?
  • The effects of temperature, daylight, daylength on breeding?
  • If I have the doe bred and then I repeat too soon can I cause miscarriages?

 Food questions

  •  The list of foods that are safe/moderate and unsafe is immense.  Is there a general rule?  For instance – high sugar foods are moderate.  Grasses are generally safe?
  • Which garden grown food do you feel gives the most bang for the buck?

Baby questions

  • When the babies are born what steps should the rabbit breeder take?
  • Is a 20% mortality rate is expected.  What can be done to lessen that?

 Health Questions

  • Some more details about disease and what can be done with sanitation to prevent disease.

7 comments to Episode 172 Advanced Rabbit Topics with Rick Worden from Rise and Shine Rabbitry

  • Shorty


    This intro pic is just to cool.

    Great Day


  • Jim

    I really enjoy these Rise and Shine Rabbitry podcasts.  Nice work Jason.

  • Jason

    I found that on Rick’s Facebook.  Couldn’t not put it in there!


  • Jason

    I give all the credit to Rick!

  • Doug

    Awesome interview/podcast.  I teally enjoy the interviews with Rick and his willingness to share his expertise.

  • chrissy bauman

    I really liked this interview, thank you!
    here is what we are growing for  our new rabbits:
    sweet potato greens, bahia grass and rye in the winter, black eye pea greens, black turtle bean greens, spanish needle (a native but nutritious weed), cavendish banana leaves, peanut greens, sycamore leaves. and bamboo from my pops place. and some pellets.
    really good thread at homesteading today on natural feeding for rabbits.
    hope that helps! 🙂 your podcast is my favorite of all of them. if you want to do it less frequently, i’m cool with that, but don’t disappear! you know so much 🙂

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