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January 2018
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Episode 177 How Thomas Jefferson Gardened

In today’s episode I discuss how Thomas Jefferson gardened.  This is a fair question since we can probably learn some things from a time when pesticides and herbicides didn’t exist and it was probably a good idea to grow some of your own food.  My how far we’ve moved from that!
So tune in today to hear:
  • What made Jefferson such a great gardener and unique among every president before and after.
  • Proof that Jefferson would rather have been in the garden than the White House or Europe or anywhere else on earth!
  • Why Jefferson was interested in new crops for the US.
  • Why Jefferson thought natives were important as well and how this seeming paradox is actually not one at all.
  • One of the most powerful lessons from Jefferson – teaching, advising, talking about and sharing seeds for gardening was paramount to his philosophy.
  • Why I call Jefferson the Permaculture President – 150 years before permaculture was put to paper.
  • Some examples of Jefferson’s Permaculture – microclimates (walls and high spots), water management (terraces), soil management (integration of animals and rotations).  He also didn’t seem to believe in weeding or worrying about pests (sound like someone you know?)
  • The strange feeling you get when you look at the dates and realize that when Jefferson wasn’t helping found our country (and sometime in spite of) he was gardening!

4 comments to Episode 177 How Thomas Jefferson Gardened

  • JD

    Hey Jason…Awesome show!  Probably my favorite one in a while, even though I have enjoyed and/or learned something from each one that I have listened to.

    I have heard that Jefferson’s gardening book is quite extensive and time consuming to read so it is on my winter reading list.

    My parents visited Monticello just a few months ago and my mother told me that I would love it since I am into gardening so much.  My parents are not but they enjoyed it just the same.  I look forward to visiting it in the future. 

  • Jason


    Yes it is quite extensive.  Definitely not a curl up with a good book type of book.  LOL

    I hope to make it to Monticello sometime and see it.

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  • Jleinan74

    Very good show! I will have to start listening
    More often. I haven’t listened in a while. You have
    Really improved. TSP has set the bar pretty high
    But you are producing a quality podcast. Keep it up!