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February 2018
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Episode 181 August Updates From the Homestead

Well it’s good to be back. In this episode I discuss what’s been going on here at the homestead in the absence of the podcast.

*The fun times I’ve had with the rabbits and why I’m looking at raising livestock as more than just a way to provide meat.

*The garden and why building good soil is the most important element if you want to avoid watering even during a class 4 drought and 110 degree heat.

*The amazing production of just a two year old food forest.

*Why can’t I attract birds? The one disappointing spot in the garden.

*Chickens – where reality and theory clash really hard. It sounds romantic to free range them until you realize we’ve spent millenia breeding the wildness out of them. But I’m going to try something that I think will help.

Even in an enclosed tractor this snake killed and partially swallowed a duck before my wife got to it.

*What is life like at 700 square feet? And why building your own home is not easy at all but it sure is worth it!






18 comments to Episode 181 August Updates From the Homestead

  • Marcus Diaz

    Great show. Glad you’re back.

    Couple questions:
    1. You mentioned “the seed mix”…is this something you have mentioned before? I’m thinking about a seed mix to use for general use in the yard (and eventually to feed rabbits), you mentioned a couple of the seeds I’m planning to use in mine. Just curious if you have listed somewhere your mix.

    2. You said your garden didn’t need water, is there something you did specifically to that end?

    Again great show, thanks.

  • Marcus Diaz

    Also can you elaborate how you scavenge lumber? I watch all the time and just don’t see a lot of opportunities for that…

  • Jason

    The simple answer to your question about specific shows is scroll down on the LH column at the bottom there is a tag cloud.  If you click any specific topic you will get the last shows done on that topic.  For instance if you were to click on the word “irrigation” you would get episode 180 (last episode) where I talk about how to avoid watering.  There is also a show on seed mixes.  I think its called co-planting (just do a search in the box at the upper right). 

    As for your second question – luck and knowing the right people has a lot to do with it.  I drive by businesses and survey their pallet stock.  Many times they will let you haul it away.  Lowes has a rejected lumber pile outside that I believe you can buy discounted from. Craiglist – people post a building they want tore down or a deck that they demolished.  You can get a lot just by “cleaning up” for other people.
    Hope that helps.


  • Brian

    Hi Jason,

    You mentioned that you read an article that 41% of people were no longer saving for retirement but are rather preparing for the end of the world. Do you have a link to that article? I searched but came up empty.

    Thanks for the show. Let the haters hate.

  • Jason


    Here’s the article.  http://awesome.good.is/transparency/web/1208/who-believes-the-end-of-civilization-is-near/transparency.jpg

    I might have misspoke.  I think the wording was that 41% of people thought preparing for the end of the world was a better investment than retirement.  My point was watch out for scare tactics and people who will sell fear.  There’s a lot of that going on and everyone wants to be the subject matter expert on fear.


  • ShenandoahJoe

    Good to have you back!  I’m 100% behind your decision to send out a podcast only when you have something particular to say.  Irregular updates are fine — that’s what RSS is for.

  • steve

     Sure good to have you back, Jason.  Have been going through many of the same issues and thoughts on this end….  Is it worth the effort?   So much to do….

  • daMonBrooks

    Glad you’re back,
    Most of the people who are “hating” are doing absolutely nothing productive, and the ones that are at least productive are really unpleasant to be around.

  • Jason

    Thanks Steve – tried to Skype you tonight. 

    I’ve been reading and listening to your adventures as well.  I was going to ask you if its worth it.  I think we both know it is!  LOL 

    Its never done though.  Perfection is just a project away!


  • Jason

    Thanks daMon.  Your comment made me laugh (the last part especially).  You are the 1000th comment as well.  You don’t win anything I just thought I’d tell ya.

  • Shonwilson

    Glad you’re back.  Love the podcast!

  • morgan

    What a treat to listen to your Aug updates while working in the kitchen the other day!  You have accomplished so much, the homestead is really shaping up.  What a beautiful home you’ve built for your family!

  • Jason Bruns

    You said you were having trouble attracting Martins to your property.  A cousin of mine was having the same problem.  He then borrowed something similar to http://purplemartin.org/update/DawnsongArt.html  He got martins and now they just come back every year.  If you are interested I can ask where he got it and maybe make a copy for you. 

    Let me know if you are interested.

    Glad you are back.  Tell the haters to “pound snow” to use a Spirko line.

  • Fidel

    The statements you made in this episode about only talking about what you’re actually doing/have done lend a lot of credibility to yourself/podcast/brand.  I’ve learned a lot from you and look forward to learning more in the future.  Posting once a week, or whenever life permits, will still be helpful and I hope life plays out so that you continue to do so.  Semper Fi,


  • BeninMA

    Good to have you back!

    I’d be interested in your take on this method of harvesting rabbits: http://youtu.be/iali_mkReYA I have little experience with firearms, so I don’t know how sensible it is to shoot them with .22’s or a pellet gun like this guy does.

  • Jason


    Fidel (commenter below (Joe in TN on the forum)) is the best person to ask.  He tends to favor that technique.  The only problem is that it tends to prevent all the blood from coming out.  Not a huge problem.  It certainly is faster and probably more humane.


  • Good to have you back brother!

    I had all but given up hope, when I happened to swing back by and see that you’ve posted a handful in the past few months!

    Really cool to hear about all the updates–especially the cabin. Big achievement that will pay big dividends.

    Something you can be proud of!

    Welcome back again,


  • Keithmh123

    I like your podcast.  I would love to hear more about the house you built and what all went into getting started.