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January 2018
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Episode 183 Livestock Predation Control and Prevention

On today’s show I talk about how to prevent and deal with predator incursions on the homestead.  I hate to say I know a good deal about this but its only because of some mistakes I made.  At the first of the show I give you my take on this:  There are two types of livestock owners – those who have been visited by predators and those who haven’t…yet.

*The thin line between treating your animals like wild creatures and nurturing them like domestic ones. 


*Building solid enclosures.  Some of the techniques and tricks.

*Guard animals.

*The value (and detriment) of having animals with attitude.


*The biggest part of control is analysis.

*The clues left behind by predators and what they mean.

*What to do when you have the answers.


4 comments to Episode 183 Livestock Predation Control and Prevention

  • Petertoyota

    This was wonderful podcast. Thanks for sharing your insights. I am pondering having chickens and ducks myself, but the predator issue is the main thing stopping me.

  • Little Bird

    Great podcast!  We got 5 chickens last week and are really enjoying them.  Great information today.

  • Candy

     Hi Jason. Great podcast! 

    I don’t remember if you talked about your rabbit hutches in this cast, but I just wanted to pass on an idea I used when I built my hutches.  Instead of using a wooden frame for support, I used pvc pipe attached vertically to the sides of the cages with hose clamps (two on each pvc leg). Then these are buried in the ground.  The cages can be raised and lowered if necessary this way.  The pvc doesn’t soak up the urine and get smelly or rot. They are a little more “wiggly” than a wooden frame, but work great and are certainly less expensive. If your cages are too long for only 4 legs, you can easily add a couple of extra legs in the middle for more support. 

    Since I work on a really tight budget and I know others do to I thought I’d pass this along and see what you think.  It has worked really well for me for the last two years.


  • WoodyGreens


    This is a fantastic topic and you really explained it well! It gave me a new perspective on the management wolves in my area. I particularly liked how you’ve created a middle ground on the “just kill them all” and “let everything be free and natural” attitudes with simple problem solving and ingenuity.