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February 2018
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Episode 186 Updates from the Homestead

Its the start of a new (what I’m calling a) season here at SSGP.  There are more changes coming, not just on the farm here but also to the show, format, etc. 

I won’t be doing full all out show notes here on out.  Its a lot of effort that yields little rewards (mostly people just comment on the notes without listening to the shows which means I have to explain things to people who can’t seem to find a play button!). 

Essentially I’m back to a position where I miss podcasting.  I’d love it if people listen but at this point I’m doing this for me again. 


13 comments to Episode 186 Updates from the Homestead

  • your back? hope to hear some more great podcast

  • Ryan Harp

    Always looking forward to the podcast for garden motivation, not that I need it.  Have you thought about posting these on soundcloud.com?

  • daMonBrooks

    right on man

  • Jason

    Ryan – Glad to help.  Never heard of that before you mentioning it.  I’ll check it out.

  • Jason

    I’m back.  LOL

  • Radar

    Your quality is great , have you defined your goal yet ? 

  • Jason

    With the homestead or podcast?

  • Old Ben

    It’s good to hear from you again.
    I don’t …/rely/ on your podcasts for information or for entertainment (so don’t /worry/ on my account about recording or posting them), but I unequivocally enjoy them. And I appreciate the time you put in for this.
    All that being said, let the gardening commence!

  • Lindaharper

    Nice to get an update and to learn your discoveries!  Hey, when you are talking about your roaster chickens, instead of buying a big freezer, try canning the meat!  It is the easiest thing to can and it takes great!  No freezer or refrigerator space and they last for several years.


  • Jason

    Let it commence!

  • Jason

    Big duh moment on my part.  Just shows we get stuck in our ways.  I knew about canning chicken I just chose to forget apparently. Thank you for the reminder!  Now – somewhere to store the jars!

  • Old Ben

     Good point- I generally associate canning with vegetables, so even though I’ve canned all sorts of other things (we had a lot of butter and canning really helped save space in the freezer) I still keep forgetting that it’s an option. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂