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January 2018
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Episode 190 Lessons Learned from Raising Rabbits

No, not the philosophical type lessons.  Just concrete things that I did wrong and some right and the things I’m going to change.

12 comments to Episode 190 Lessons Learned from Raising Rabbits

  • Billmurray

    Thanks for the podcast. I have been researching raising rabbits and it is refreshing to hear what might not work and potential issues that may arrise.

  • Jake Olson

    I’d love to see some more pictures of your hutches. 

  • Jason

    I’ll dig them up.  Are you following me on facebook?  Plenty there!


  • Jason

    Not a problem.  Hope everyone can learn from my mistakes!


  • Jake Olson

     Yea, I totally found the facebook pics after posting that comment.  I like the looks of the hanging hutches.  I’m hoping to get started with Rabbits very soon.  I’m considering only keeping them in the warmer months up here in MN.  I know they can be bred to like the cold, but I can’t imagine that they’d like being out in a metal cage all winter long.

  • I love when you talk about your rabbits. You have helped me through my own rabbit raising and of course gardening. Keep up the wonderful work.

  • Joe n TN

    Two thumbs up on the new season of podcasts!

  • Jason

    Thank you!

  • Jason

    Glad to help!

  • Thanks for sharing your trials and lessons! I’m still in the thinking about doing it stage, and this was super useful.

  • Rocketgardener

    Re: watering rabbits. We have a pet French lop we “inherited” from my daughter in an outside hutch. We couldn’t keep up with his summer time water needs with the standard rabbit bottle so we changed a couple of years ago to dog bowls. They have never frozen in the winter. The only real problem we’ve had was him overturning them. A couple of months ago we swapped to a self filling cat water bowl with a liter bottle. It seems to be working well. You might try these before getting fancy with a piped self filling system.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the tip. I tried and used crocks when the water froze solid and will probably use them again. When you say dog bowls you mean just plain unheated metal dog bowls? I already installed the nipples and piping. I wouldn’t call it fancy – less than 50 bucks for 6 cages. I still have to mount the barrel and provide the water supply though.