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February 2018
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Episode 26 Practical Skills/Applications for the Principles

In this episode I talk about 5 skills that I believe are essential and practical applications of the 5 Principles I talked about in Episode 25.

These skills are:

1. Seed Saving – The art and skill of saving seeds from this year’s plants to grow next year’s.
2. Composting – Both traditional and vermicomposting. I talk about some challenges but these are really easy.
3. Water Harvesting – Both semi-man-made and totally artificial methods.
4. Soil Amendment – We covered compost but here are a few ways to help your soil in addition.
5. Horticultural Engineering – The practice of clever thinking and planning in the garden. All of the skills above probably qualify in my definition but this encompasses misc. skills that utilize mechanical advantages to grow a garden. Running a string up a fence or deck for trellis. Utilizing shade from corn to plant lettuce. Using a piece of painted plywood to reflect light during cooler times.

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