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January 2018
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Episode 35 – Choosing Seeds

Digging through my Feedburner stats I noticed something strange.  A past episode (#6) about selecting the right seeds for your garden popped up as the #1 most listened to episode.  It is closing in quick on 1000 downloads!  I wondered why this episode was so popular so I decided that rather than just reposting it that I would try to update it a bit with new things I’ve learned.

In this episode I discuss these aspects of selecting the right seeds…

*Seeds for your soil type.  Why choosing a different variety of the same vegetable can be disastrous or serendipitous.

*Its obvious that climate is important in choosing but even more important is your microclimate.

*Why I don’t even include heirloom and GMO in my vocabulary when discussing seeds for the home garden.

*One more time…the difference between hybrid and OP.  I’ll shut up now.

*Besides being more self-sufficient, recent evidence and old that support saving seeds as the best choice.

*Don’t take me so seriously.  Why picking seeds and trying new things can be fun.

I give a shout out to a few of my friends and fellow bloggers.  Check out the blogroll at the right of the page.  These people are good people and infinitely more knowledgeable than I on a myriad of subjects.

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