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January 2018
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Episode 36 – Fruit Trees

Whether you want an full orchard or a lone apple tree, tune in today as I discuss the ins and outs of fruit trees.

In this episode I discuss the following:


*Choosing the right trees (like choosing the right seeds).

*Picking the right spot for your trees.


*Where to get fruit (and nut) trees for about a dollar each (its not a scam!).

*How to propagate fruit trees from seeds, cuttings and graftings (one is the most viable, I tell you why).

*How to prep the soil, dig the hole, fill it.

*What ground covers to use and why choosing one over another has a huge impact on fruit production.


*How to determine if a seemingly dead tree is still alive.

*Ways to abate problems before they happen.


*How to keep pests in check.  Sorry I only know of a few sustainable methods.

*How to prune and thin fruit.

*How to get your trees ready for winter.

This was the most challenging and fun show.  It also ended up being the longest one I’ve done.

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Thanks for listening!

8 comments to Episode 36 – Fruit Trees

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  • Hey jason, thanks for the shout out on the podcast. I assure you that if my orchard looks good it is through no fault of my own! The previous owner of my homestead is to blame!

    I only listed to the first 1/2 and need to sleep now, but I’m sure I’ll have many questions and comments when I am done.

    Those weren’t softballs those are all questions I want to know, I’m not very knowledgeable yet, but luckily my trees are very old and very well established. Probably at least 30 years old.

    I had a pruner come out and “show me the ropes” and he suggested to spray the trunks with dish soap and water once per week while they are not dormant… i may try that this year.

    We were not able to identify my apples this year except for the Rambos, so next season that is a goal.

    Can’t wait to hear the rest of the podcast! I’ll let you know what I think when I am done

  • Jason, glad the vetch is a legume, it just started showing up this year. Your take on pesticides is basically exactly the same as what the guy at the organic CSA told me.

    Unfortunately for me my red varieties of apples are fan favorites for worms and bugs, my more sour varieties seem to do fine.

    I think I need some chickens!!

  • Jason

    Thank you Nick for the well thought out questions. Like I said, it certainly made doing the show a little easier. It very fortuitous that you inherited that orchard. It really is quite nice.

    I’m going to have problems with pests I think eventually then because I planted all varieties that are generally pretty sweet apples. Maybe I should throw a sour one in there for good measure!

    Take care


  • it is strange because bartlet pears are much sweeter, yet the bugs/worms/pests could care less about them.

    All my pears are picture perfect this year

  • Jason

    I wonder if some fruits have developed resistant skins. I’ll have to look that up.

  • Oakleybd

    Just listened to this podcast today. I’m excited about searching for some value buys for fruit trees in Texas. Great info on your podcast and website!

  • Jason

    I’ve got another coming up about perennials in general, on the cheap. I think you might really like that one. If I remember, Texas has a pretty good program. The seedlings aren’t huge but really for the price you can’t beat it.