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January 2018
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Episode 37 My Favorite Herbs – Rosemary



In this weeks episode I revive the “My Favorite Herb” series with this episode on Rosemary.

Find out…

*Why Rosemary is known as the “remembrance herb”.

*How it gets its name.

*What flavors it compliments.

*Some myths and legends about rosemary.

*How to keep it alive year round since it is a perennial.

2 comments to Episode 37 My Favorite Herbs – Rosemary

  • Kara

    Jason, I just found your site today…I am researching growing a herb garden…which I have always wanted to do, but in terms of the rosemary plant…I returned from South America a couple days ago, Bogota, Colombia specifically. I went to the botanical gardens and there was a community garden there with a GIANT rosemary bush. The flowers were white. (I was excited because I had never seen rosemary flowers before.) Also it rains frequently and light/medium rainfall (mostly) and yet despite the rainfall and this plant thrives in arid conditions. Which leads me to think….is there a different type of rosemary…or are rosemary plants more hardy concerning rain that we previously thought? It was stuck in the ground…and there didn’t seem to be much easy drainage in the garden. I have some pictures but it seems the files are too large.

  • Jason


    Hi. Thanks for the comments and welcome back. I’m digging into this a little more. I might have overstated or at least miscommunicated the watering conditions for this plant. I think perhaps I tried to apply what I should do here in my temperate rainy climate to all climates.

    I think the general rule is where it is cooler you should keep the plant drier and where it is warmer it can handle more water. So to answer your question-I think you are definitely right that rosemary is a little more hardy in relation to water than I (and some other literature lets on). We had a pretty rainy spring last year (and cool) and my rosemary survived well.

    Thanks again and hope that helps.