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January 2018
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Episode 40 Planning Your Next Garden

In this episode I discuss my thought process when planning my next garden.

*Who – YOU!
*What – See my Choosing Seeds Episode but basically deciding what you want to plant.
*When – What is the optimal planting time? Not just for growth but insect avoidance and harvest time.
*Where – Specifically what is the best spot in your garden for each crop? Plant them so they don’t shade each other unless they like that sort of thing.
*Why – Know WHY you address each of the other aspects in the way you do.

*Succession planting.

*How to actually write the plan down and account for each month’s changes.

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14 comments to Episode 40 Planning Your Next Garden

  • I’ve been waiting for this one! My garden planning last year SUCKED… will look forward to a listen

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  • Matt

    I liked the episode but could have listened for at least an hour. I live on a heavily wooded lot and my parents own the even more heavily wooded lot next door. I have been clearing out the “brush” from the middle (where a house would go) and I am doing my planning for a garden next spring. This will be my first “real” garden because we have so many trees that I can’t fathom the idea of cutting a few down simply to create enough space for a garden.

    I’ll post some pictures and stuff later in the forum.

  • Jason


    Thank you very much for the feedback. Glad to be of service.

    I bought a little wooded lot last year and I’ve been trying to clear an area around where we are building the cabin just to get some fruit trees in the ground, not to mention a (second!) garden.

    I look forward to seeing the pictures and good luck. You should have a some good topsoil where trees have been and dropped leaves.


  • Great episode, Jason. ( As usual) Was working on one like this myself. Now I gotta make it even better. You keep moving the bar upward my friend!

    Keep ’em coming!


  • Jason

    Thank you Steve!

    Looking forward to your version. I never can seem to get enough information and you always give some hint or innovation that I can put to use.

    Take care


  • Matt

    The topsoil is amazing, like a giant compost bin. When I heard you say you had a lack of “brown matter” for your compost I was standing about ankle deep in brown leaves. I am in the process of moving them to a storage point till I get my areas plotted out then putting them on top.

    I am also an aquaponics and hydroponics geek and plan on experimenting with vertical methods this season. Like I said I am still in the planning phase and I am really just getting started with aquaponics (1 catfish and 3 sunfish in tanks for now) but I am toying with the idea of doing a very small pond on the lot (few hundred gallons) and then using that to irrigate the garden. I have not decided on what species of fish I will use but am toying with the idea of getting a breeder colony of Tilapia going. The catfish is super interesting to just sit and watch, he is going to be like my “garbage disposal” if I get too many babies. Other than that he loves goldfish, minnows and all the bugs I toss in his tank.

  • Jason

    LOL. Yeah I have a hard time finding leaves here in the burbs.

    I love the aquaponics stuff. It is fascinating. Have you seen this: http://www.fastonline.org/content/view/15/29/ ? I’ve researched the tilapia some and I have a hard time seeing the downside to aquaponics.

    I’d love to see pics of that too!


  • Matt

    Well I have a lot of plans but I also have a very pregnant wife (due Dec 15) so I will get away long enough to get some brush cleared and my cell will ring with her asking me why I have not installed the guest bath toilet yet.

    The biggest problem I see with making aquaponics sustainable is access to water and some way to balance the PH out. Most of the time I use some PH up and down chemicals I bought from a hydroponics store but I would be clueless as to how to test for PH and correct it without access to stores. I love being as sustainable as possible and have even been looking at raising some insect food sources to get that much more of the “circle of life” feel going on. Just last night I put out some wet cardboard to see if I could get any red worms to build a system for them. I hear they reproduce like crazy when they are fed right and taken care of so I figure they will also make good fish food. About the only thing I can get my sunfish to eat are other feeder goldfish.

  • Jason

    I’ve been there!

    I’ve got a vermicomposting bin and yes you are correct. Red Wrigglers are good at eating and making babies.


  • Arnica

    Just wanted to mention the Heirloom Seed Swap website. Johnny Max from SS Homestead podcast started this. Your extra sunflower seeds belong here! http://www.heirloomseedswap.com/

  • Jason

    Hey Arnica good point. I actually have had them over there for a week or so now. But I need to put a link to Johnny’s site up on my link list. Thanks for the reminder!


  • I noticed that EVERYTHING around the peas did better.. I may have to try them down in the pumpkin patch this year. Thanks for a great show.

  • Jason

    Thanks Dene!

    Yeah I was able to plant pumpkins in mine. Then when the vine borers took care of those for me I planted corn. The corn grew great well after the peas had been harvested out.