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February 2018
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Episode 45 Useful Flowers

Though this could be deemed a “Useful Plant of the Week” Podcast I figured I would cover multiple plants with this one and just call it useful flowers.  I like to think of everything in the garden as having multiple tasks and benefits.  For instance, a pea plant produces food, sets nitrogen and utilizes garden space during a time when a lot of things won’t grow.  If you look at flowers the same way you will find that some of them have many more uses than what is typically laid upon them.

I talk about these flowers and their benefits:

Roses – Nice to look at and a source of vitamin C.

Calendula – Nice to look at, edible, medicinal (listen to my disclaimer) and a good companion plant.

Marigold – Nice to look at, some are edible, great companion plant for tomato family plants.

Nasturtiums – Nice to look at, edible in multiple ways (worked some history in here!), (I was wrong about setting nitrogen but it doesn’t need much nitrogen in the soil to grow).

Sunflowers – Great insect habitat, nice to look at, edible seeds with tons of culinary uses.

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