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February 2018
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Episode 51 Ladybugs (Beneficial Series)


Helpful Stages: Larva
Complete or Incomplete: Complete – egg, larva, pupa, adult
Appearance: Adult is orange.  Grapefruit, lime, lemon color is BAD. Larva is glossy grayish w/orange splotches, elongated with pinchers
Order: Coleoptera – sheath winged
Eggs: Small yellow/gold footballs
Other Stages: Pupate – Brown with two columns of dark dots.
Eats: aphids, beetles, other sap feeders. Can eat more than 5000 aphids in lifetime. Adult does not eat insects.
Attractants: umbreliferous – sunflowers, dill, corriander, caraway, fennel, dandelion, buckwheat.

6 comments to Episode 51 Ladybugs (Beneficial Series)

  • Steve

    Jason –
    The breadth of your research and garden knowledge is mind-boggling. Every episode gets better and better and at the same time helps gardeners everywhere just get better and better. Thanks for bringing this topic to the front in time for the upcoming gardening season.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Steve, you are too kind. I wish I could claim all of this knowledge but I’m just a decent researcher!


  • BadVooDooDaddy

    I am glad that I read this one. Lady bugs like to eat aphids? cool now I know what to put on my rose bush when it gets aphids again. Thanks for the knowledge

  • Jason

    Yeah, aphids draw ladybugs in better than plants I think!

  • Mohan

    thanks for the info. I never thought that the grapefruit, lime and lemon coloured ones are BAD guys. thanks indeed.

  • Jason

    Mohan-take that with a grain of salt. I speak only about the US. I was later informed by a guy named Nick that in Australia, they actually have good yellow ladybugs. Usually the green ones are cucumber beetles and the yellow ones are bean beetles. Your situation will differ. Thanks!