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January 2018
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Episode 59 Special Situation Gardening

In today’s episode I talk about two special situations that affect some of my listeners.

Any situation in gardening has a few things in common, that is what the plant needs. Sun/shade, temperature, water, protection, etc. I only cover two situations today but ANY situation can be covered by just simply addressing your plants needs and (excuse the cliche) thinking outside the box.

Arid area gardening – You must capture every bit of water and take advantage of shade and cooler areas. Sandy soil is also a concern. This might be a good place to use a raised bed and concentrate your amendments in one area. It takes time to build sandy soil as everything tends to run right through it.

Limited space gardening – You must think of space in multiple dimensions. Its easy to get caught up and think of a flat surface as growing space but use your vertical spaces as well. Grow herbs indoors and whatever else will do well with limited sun. Find your south side (in northern hemisphere) and use it to full effect.

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