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January 2018
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Episode 60 Beginning Gardening (Self-Sufficiently)

In today’s show I talk about the very first steps to start out as a beginning gardener and do it in a self-sufficient manner. My gardening book I’m writing is about thinking of gardening as a process and the first step in the process is gathering your inputs and recognizing their needs. I tell you how to work toward eliminating the inputs your bring into your system. How to pick your seeds, knowing your soil and your sunlight paths in your garden. Also why I think you should consider some type of rain harvesting.

I don’t pull any punches here. I’m going to say some things that people don’t agree with including why I don’t like raised beds (again!). Why I hate the advice for beginners to go buy started plants!

I take you all the way through the process of getting your plants into the garden.

Podcasts that may help beginners:

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Also, the contest for 6 free seed packets from Botanical Interests ends on midnight of the 14th of March.  After that I will draw randomly.  To enter you simply need to go to www.botanicalinterests.com, go to the about page and find the year they started selling seeds.  Put the year in the subject line of your email.  In the body of your email include your name and mailing address.  The winner will be drawn randomly.

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