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January 2018
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Episode 68 – Implementing the Spring Garden Plan

Making a plan is not too hard.  Implementing a plan…well that can be more interesting.  Especially for someone like me who just can’t follow rules, obey orders or stick to plans.  What can I say, I rebel against myself as well!

Because I’ve made just about every implementation of plan error possible when it comes to putting the garden plan to work I’ve come up with some tips that I use.  I share them with you in today’s show.

1.  Have a plan-can’t implement what you don’t have.

2.  Be adaptable-don’t plan to fail but have another plan in case you do.

3.  Grow/start more than you think you need.

4.  Remember your inputs and interactions, think about succession planting and harvesting.  Yes, harvesting!  Its never too early to have a plan.

And much more!

7 comments to Episode 68 – Implementing the Spring Garden Plan

  • Listening from Nova Scotia, Canada. Technically international, but our climate is similar to Maine. Love your show(s)!

  • Jason

    Hi Stephanie! Glad you’ve enjoyed the shows. Hope you are keeping warm.


  • John bickel

    Enjoy the show…. I am planning my first big garden, only having planted a few small raised beds in the past. Did you make your plans available somewhere to look at? I would be curious to see your excel sheet and how you use it.


  • Jason

    Thanks Stephanie. Hope you guys are keeping warm!

  • Jason


    I didn’t post them but put that in your browser and you’ll get a pdf of what I did. Its very crude but it fits the way I work. LOL

  • I agree so much with planting more than you need.

    The slugs eat so much of what I grow – well they used to until I discovered copper tape! But my point is that you never know what might cause your crops to fail and a backup for ‘just-in-case’ is invaluable. Otherwise you can end up with no crop at all.

    Keep up the good work.

    PS Listening to you from the UK

  • Jason

    Thanks GardenNut, glad to have you here all the way from the UK! Gotta try out those copper strips myself.