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February 2018
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Episode 70 – Animals in the Garden

If you garden and do it in a self-sufficient manner you realize that anytime you can simulate natural ecosystems your garden will not only succeed but it will amaze you with the wonder of watching life and interactions.  There is no better way to see this firsthand than by integrating animals (both domestic and wild) into your garden.

Tune in today as I discuss:

*Chickens and poultry – why they are – in my opinion – the best animals to keep in the garden.

*Larger livestock (such as pigs or goats) – The land tillers and clearers.

*Reptiles and Amphibians – Ofter overlooked but unique pest hunters.

*Rabbits – Overlooked protein source.

*Fish – How hard is aquaponics really?

*Dogs and cats – Great for mammalian pest control.

8 comments to Episode 70 – Animals in the Garden

  • Bats! Another night pest eater.

    We’ll be building snake and toad houses as soon as the garden is in. We’re up North and the peepers just started singing last night! Guess it’s time to plant those peas.

    Awesome show, thanks!

  • Jicase1235

    In the episode you spoke of hummingbirds. I don’t know what they were actually doing there, but last spring I had a lot of peas. When I would be picking them hummingbirds were always around. It was in a garden that didn’t have anything else flowering at the time. Since I planted about 5 different varieties there were others flowering while I was picking mature peas. I didn’t actually see them visiting the flowers, because once they realized I was around they zipped away. I didn’t really notice them back there once the peas had run their course, and they didn’t seem to visit my other two gardens with as much regularity. Just thought I would pass it on.

    Congrats on your chickens, we got 30 of em about 3 weeks ago. This is my first go-round with them, but so far so good. I hope my daughter is ok with it when about half of them transition to the freezer. 🙂

    Thanks for your podcast.


  • Jason


    I never thought of that but it makes perfect sense. The pea flowers with their trumpet shape would be perfect for hummingbirds!

    I’m glad you are having success with the chickens. 30 is a lot! But good for putting some away.

    Thanks for your comments.


  • Jason

    Thanks Stephanie!

    I see you heard the show on Phenology!


  • Fritz Monroe

    Just wanted to add to the toad house info. You can often get those terracotta flower pots for free. Chip out an opening in them and they work great as a toad house. The hole in the top allows the hot air to exit the house.

  • Jason

    Great tip Fritz. Thanks.

  • Yep. Heard all your shows. Would the peeper thing generalize to anything listed as “early spring” on the package?

    – Stephanie

  • Jason


    I think its close but at least it lets you know when it starts. I usually plant carrots and onions and beets a few weeks after peas though. So two weeks after the peepers!