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January 2018
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Episode 76 Mistakes I Made While Gardening (with Steve Howard)

In today’s episode I get the great pleasure of being joined by my friend Steve Howard from Growing Your Grub to talk about mistakes we’ve made gardening.

Mistakes are obviously something that’s going to happen while gardening.  You can let them get you down or you can learn from them and bounce back.  I make so many mistakes in a given season from hardening plants off wrong to chopping them down with my hoe.  Sometimes its hard to recount them all.

Steve and I talk about some common mistakes that can plague the gardener and not just how to overcome them but to learn from them and adapt to them.  We also talk about how to dig into the real root cause instead of focusing on the problem.  You can never really fix the problem until you know what the root cause is.

Tune in and hear some humorous stories from us both!  I really encourage you to check out Steve’s site.  He’s got a ton of information over there and he’s gardening in a totally different climate than I so he’s got experiences I don’t.

3 comments to Episode 76 Mistakes I Made While Gardening (with Steve Howard)

  • Fritz Monroe

    Good show. I just downloaded the latest episode of Grow your Grub podcast to check it out.

    You mentioned in the podcast that there aren’t many gardening podcasts. Take a look at the You Bet Your Garden podcast. It is really good and everything he does is organic.

  • Jason

    Hey Fritz

    I agree and actually like to listen to You Bet Your Garden every once in a while. Mike does a great job and is a hoot to listen to. Perhaps I should have said not many gardening podcasts dedicated mostly to growing food. I found myself zoning out when Mike talked about Zinnias or Lilacs. Not my cup of tea but I definitely understand that others may find it interesting.


  • Fritz Monroe

    With him being a syndicated call in show, he really has to respond to the questions he gets. Lucky for me, he gets plenty of calls about edibles, and about trees.