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February 2018
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Episode 77 Pawpaw Trees

In today’s episode I discuss the pawpaw tree.  I was reminded that I had never done one by a request from a listener named David who is growing Pawpaws out in California. 

Pawpaws are a great tree that produces a unique and extremely tasty fruit.  In addition, its compact growing habit and eye appeal make it a tree to consider for suburban landscapes (I had one in my own backyard until I mowed over it!). 

Tune in as I talk about:

*Why pawpaw fruit is not available in your local grocery – it’s not because it is without appeal.

*How to grow pawpaws, find them, transplant them.  What they like soil and water and sun-wise.

*The pollination and fruiting aspects.  This one is a toughie and leads into my comment on commercial viability.

*A little history including a famous expedition that could have been abandoned without a little help from the pawpaw.

Nursery that has many different pawpaw cultivars – we take pawpaws seriously here in KY!

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