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February 2018
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Episode 84 Garden Materials

Today I discuss some ways to get materials for your garden for free or cheap.

What do I mean by materials?  I mean things that don’t actually make your plants grow but rather things that make them grow better.  This includes things like cold frame, support structures, cages, raised bed borders.

My son Jackson proudly displays my pole bean supports in the background.

I take you through some ways I’ve found to improvise these structures, make use of existing structures or simply glean the materials I need to make them.

I’ve talked in the past about some of these things but I felt it worthwhile to do another show because a lot of us are at the stage where we are thinking about staking our tomatoes or building a teepee for pole beans.  I promised I’d talk about tools here but I never got around to them.  I will cover those in a future show.

1 comment to Episode 84 Garden Materials

  • I just recently planted my first grape vines, and appreciate the trellis advice. I use a combination of regular beds, as well as raised beds. The raised beds are primarily used in combination with my cold frames, and I am able to keep two large beds of lettuce and spinach all winter long here in Denver CO.

    Like you, I try to reuse and re-purpose things instead of paying for them, and get so many free materials off FreeCycle.org – a bunch of great lumber, as well as bricks and cinder blocks I use for the foundations of my raised beds. The darker bricks really hold the solar energy they absorb during the day, and placing a few inside the cold frame helps with extra thermal mass on really cold nights.

    FreeCycle is also a good place to get glass for coldframes, polycarbonate, and sometimes even full window frames. Actually I can’t even list all the great supplies I have gotten on FreeCycle that have helped with my garden. I even scored an unused, wooden screen door frame (like the kind you see on old farm houses) and was able to turn it into a bean trellis.

    Anyway, just thought I’d throw out a great source for free useful materials.

    Thanks for the great podcast!!

    Mark in Colorado
    The Patriot Garden