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February 2018
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Episode 78 Why I Garden

Every once in a while I like to philosophize on you all a little bit.  Everyone has a backstory-how they got to where they are right now- and I’ve told mine a few times but not recently.  I truly hate talking about myself but I consider it therapy to talk about this stuff sometimes and you guys and gals combine to make a great psychiatrist (without the drugs!).

This show is short on practical advice but my hope is that by hearing why I garden you’ll examine why you garden and what makes it so great and redeeming.

*Is gardening in our DNA?

*How gardening has helped me through rough times in my life.

*Why gardening is so important of a task, this very moment.

10 comments to Episode 78 Why I Garden

  • Brian

    Powerful show Jason! Thanks for sharing about you.

  • Jason

    Not a problem Brian!

  • Matt Val

    Powerful episode dude! That was very personal for me as well. As I helped take care of my grandmother as she died of alzhiemers . We also lost our first child. And it is a child!
    I do goto my garden for some peace and quite sometimes. You made me realize that is a lost opportunity…

  • Jason


    Thanks for sharing. It seems like the more I talk about these thing the more I find that other people have been through much the same thing.


  • Hey Jason, That was a great show.  Thanks for sharing your story about losing your baby.  We had at one point been told that we were going to lose our first baby by an insensitive doctor, and we’ve never forgotten how that felt.. The rest of that pregnancy was super hard as we kept living with the fear of losing him.  Thankfully the doctor was wrong, but we really had our eyes opened to how common miscarriages are and how many families go through that. 

  • Jason


    Thank you for sharing also.  I was surprised by some of our doctors as well and their attitudes but we had several really good ones as well.  I’m glad your situation came to a happy conclusion. 


  • Andres Stell

     Great show! Thanks for sharing such heartfelt sentiments. I to agree that it is so important for us to teach our children how to garden. I love the fact that my kids when they are play “house” and they need food, they go to their make believe garden (not the supermarket) to replenish their kitchen, and they pretend to put their scraps in the worm compost bin.

  • Jason


    That is a great story and a great example of why we should teach them early.  From the pictures on your blog your anecdotes do not surprise me at all.


  • Anonymous

     I really enjoyed this episode. Great work, especially the podcast as a legacy for your son, what a cool idea!I also like how you went from just doing stuff to discovering the “whys” and that was good stuff to hear.

  • Jason

    Thanks Nick.  I didn’t want to talk about myself but figured a narrated progression might help some stuff make sense.