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January 2018
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Episode 80 Listener Questions and Feedback

Thank everyone for all the questions.  While I assure you I am not an expert I love the challenge of trying to answer some of these questions.

Tune in today to hear questions and feedback about:

*How do plants get essential elements out of the soil – for instance, can potassium high fruiting bananas grow where there isn’t any potassium?

*One Listener’s experience with a garden center and how to defend against the myth that fertilizer (in chemical or process organic form (compost good!)) is essential for a healthy garden.

*A listener’s question and answer garden site.  www.wiltedleaf.com.

*How thick should newspaper be for sheet mulching?  Or should it be there at all?

*How’s my hugelkultur bed doing?

*What and how to plant cover crops for deer.

*Lotus DOES have edible parts.

*A call from me to send me your bug pictures.

*A listener asks why I rejected them from the forum registration – it was completely benign.

The special on the Food Security Knowledge Pack and the Personal Seed Reserve has been extended until the end of this coming weekend!

2 comments to Episode 80 Listener Questions and Feedback

  •  re: minerals in soil.  Good answer, but you might also want to mention the part pH plays in nutrient absorption.   Many nutrients, minerals in particular, are just not accessible to a plant if the soil pH is out of whack.  

    re: newspaper mulch.  It seems to work okay for me when used as an under layer or ground cover and then building a bed several inches deep on top of it.  I’ve never tried using newspaper as a top mulch and then planting through it.  

  • Jason

     Very true.  I’ll try to work it into the next show.