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January 2018
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Episode 95 Listener Questions and Feedback

Tune in today as I take another round of listener questions and feedback.

*My thoughts on storing food, the coming grain shortage and grinders.

*Saving seeds from lettuce.

*A bevy of squash bug related questions.  They are in the south and will be everywhere soon!  Check out my episode on Squash Bugs.

*Using bamboo as a privacy screen.

*Can you plant seeds now?  HECK YEAH!

*More info on the mutualistic relationship between ants and aphids.

*Questions about watering and the current drought.

2 comments to Episode 95 Listener Questions and Feedback

  • Re: Squash bugs! I use the method I learned from my family while growing up. There are some wars you just can’t win, and it looks like that’s the case in dealing with the Squash Vine Borer (SVB). 
    What we do is start  “replacement” plants (this weekend as a matter of fact here in Zone 5a) for the squash plants which typically get attacked. When the SVB’s are active, these replacements are still small enough to be in a window or greenhouse (or under a VERY-well secured floating row cover)… yet after the critical time has passed and the bugs are done for the season, these plants won’t take very long at all to start producing! It’s not a perfect answer, but with the exception of a couple of weeks in mid-summer, it keeps us in Zucchini and Delicata squash until mid/late October!

  • Jason

    Great suggestion!