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January 2018
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Episode 98 Listener Questions and Feedback

Today I take another round of listener questions and feedback.

How long should tomato flowers be pinched?  Will the plant continue to grow after flowering and setting fruit?

Picking land in relation to planting zones?  How low in zone should one go?  My completely biased answer.

My thoughts on saving money by purchasing seeds through big box stores.

Can melons be grown up (on a trellis) like cucumbers?  Also, the special considerations for doing so.  Additionally, why I don’t.

A listener is having trouble with too much rain and why too much rain or not enough is not really the problem.

My thoughts on self watering containers.

A listener writes about his trouble starting seeds.

Why are the thinning instructions on seed packets written how they are?  Are there better resources?


4 comments to Episode 98 Listener Questions and Feedback

  • bluprint

    Jason the ITunes podcast shows episode 98 followed by epi 101… Something weird w/ your xml feed?

  • Jason

    Nah, I just screwed up when scheduling the episode. 🙂

  • Jason, I am just getting around to listening to this podcast today, and so just realized that you are moving. Congratulations! The funny thing is that the reason I am behind, is I too just moved. It was a rather unplanned move, but we jumped on the chance, as we saw it as an improvement. So now I have an actual yard, instead of just what I could just squeeze out of my townhouse lot. But I understand your sentiment about leaving your garden. I had a nice garden going, and had to leave pretty much everything that wasn’t in pots, so now I am itching to get a fall garden going, but my new yard is a blank slate (which is nice, but means it needs a lot of work to get the soil up to par). What I am finding the hardest is the fact that I slowly built up my garden at my prior “homestead” and now finding the lack of funds to quickly get it going to the same level very frustrating. Good luck with the move.

  • Jason

    I feel your frustration.  I think it gets better from here though!