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February 2018
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Homestead Updates Oct 2012

6 comments to Homestead Updates Oct 2012

  • Peter_toyota

    Cant watch the video on android. Does it have a link that can be clicked on, like youtube or similar? Thanks for your time.

  • Jason

    Yup, its embedded from youtube.  You should be able to double tap on the video box.  If not the link is on the LH column.  If that doesn’t work then my username on Youtube is Theselfsufficientway.

  • Peter_toyota

    Got it. The embed is working now. Cheers.

  • Matthew from Gooseneck, Ga

    Jason i liked taking a tour of the homestead. About the rabbits. Do they naw on the wood and if so is it/or will it be a problem? I have one rabbit now. I am going to build a bigger hutch for more before the year is up.

  • Jason

    Matthew – the gnawing is very minimal.  It is not a problem with my rabbits.  I don’t know that it would ever be.  I built a hutch just like this for my uncle in 1999 and he never complained about the gnawing so I imagine it just isn’t a problem. 

    Give the rabbits twigs that they can use to hone their teeth down and that should be all they need.


  • Agorculture

    I like the video tour. I can see why you were so busy! It looks like you have a bunch of wonderful things to show for it! Everything looks so professional, organized and aesthetically pleasing!

    Lion’s Mane mushrooms are a nootropic, very good for the brain! I am trying to grow that and medicinal mushrooms, but I only see tiny mushrooms on the logs after 16 months of innoculation. Ironically, I got bit last Friday when checking the logs and have Lyme disease all over again and some nasty co-infections.

    About the rabbits, make sure the wood isn’t pressure treated or from a toxic tree like hemlock!