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January 2018
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Hunt Gather Grow Eat – The Book – Now Available

 Hunt Gather Grow Eat


Notice: until/unless I get the podcast up an running again this will be the only announcement regarding this subject beside a banner I will place on the site.

One of my many tasks with the downtime of the podcast was to finish my book.  Needless to say its taken a lot longer than I had hoped but its finally finished and available at the link above.  There are 4 sections:  Hunt (Hunting, Fishing, Trapping), Gather, Grow (Gardening and Husbandry) and Eat.  The book is 336 pages and is 6″x9″ in size.  Its in black and white (except for the cover) to reduce costs.  The price is $17.99.  If you’d like a signed copy (and I am amazed people do!) then email me and I’ll email you my paypal address and the cost plus shipping. 

Thanks to everyone again for your well-wishes and sympathy.  I promise updates on the homestead in the days to come.


8 comments to Hunt Gather Grow Eat – The Book – Now Available

  • Josiah Garber

    Congratulations on the book!  Hope to see the podcast return again sometime in the future. 🙂

  • heliotropicmoth

    Hey Jason, 

    Can I get a signed copy? Don’t be modest, I’m serious. Let me know if its logistically possible.


  • Matthew in Gooseneck

    Great idea Patrick!  I want one to!  Let us know Jason!


  • Jason

    I ordered some copies myself when it became available.  I’m sure I can sign some and send them.  I’ll let you know.

  • I agree with helio, a signed copy would be a special touch.  I’ve got probably 25 wild-food-related books on the shelf but you can never get enough on this subject.  Plus, I’ve found that most books have a different slant and unique observations.  Even one small tidbit can really make a big difference, especially with all the wild-foods mis-info that is out there.

  • Jason

    For anyone who’d like a signed copy just email me and I’ll send the info. 

    Ron – I personally don’t think there’s another book out there like this one.  I cover anyway you could possibly secure your food including hunting, fishing, gardening, livestock, etc.  And I like to think its covered in a different way than other books on one subject alone.

  • Send me the info on getting a signed copy.. I want to have it so I can say “I knew Jason when….”   Great job!!

  • Anonymous

    Kindle version?