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January 2018
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Letting the Land Lead

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how there’s a lot of forcing going on when people start working with their land. Land is not always good for everything. Sometimes it needs transformation and sometimes it simply needs what it can sustain.

I’m of the school of thought that I call Letting the Land Lead. As in the land and its features are inherently good for a set of things. Call it permaculture or whatever you will but this should be pretty basic to most people. Maybe I should call it square peg in square hole theory. What fits is what works best and is easiest.

Anybody that came to my property would quickly see that I love mushrooms. Seriously there are logs stacked everywhere. I’m running out of freezer space. But they might assume I don’t love potatoes because I don’t grow them much. Or that I’m not fond of beef because, hey, where’s my cow?

The truth is that the land is not good for cattle. Its too small and there is little pasture. Its not real good for potatoes either. The silt and clay pack about 6 inches down into some sort of pseudo-concrete. I know this so why fight it.

Now there are places where I can clear some woods and create pasture. And my gardens where I’ve dumped manure and compost will be good for growing potatoes. But its about work and yield. It will take a lot of work and the yield may never equal that.

I’ve got plenty of trees, plenty of shade and plenty of water. Conditions good for mushrooms.