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February 2018
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Livestock Adoption Fund

What is the Livestock Adoption Fund?

People have been contacting me lately wanting to donate to keep the show going. I appreciate that but I’d really like to be able to offer value. I sell my articles and ebooks in The Food Security Knowledge Pack and that offers value but some listeners wanted to contribute more.

The Livestock Adoption Fund is a way I devised to do that. Basically I use the money my listenership contributes and I purchase housing, livestock, feed, etc. I tell you what works and what doesn’t. I make the mistakes and then report via articles, blog posts, facebook updates, etc. The value you get is watching me bumble through and hopefully come to a sustainable system that you can learn from. And if you ever drop by I’ll give you meat and eggs!

I set this up as a very inexpensive subscription model. I probably won’t limit the information to the subscribers only but rather you will contribute to helping our entire community learn (along with me). Its very affordable at only $4 per month.

What else do you get in return? If you have a product or blog or store that you’d like to promote you can send that in the Paypal information and I’ll put your link or name in a widget above the normal blogroll so listeners that appreciate your contribution can send some love your way.



Help this little boy get a sheep of his own to pet!



2 comments to Livestock Adoption Fund

  • The Prepper

    Not a bad idea, but most people won’t contribute when they can get the information for free. Have you considered providing a paid works/doesn’t work service that would provide information only to the folks who subscribe to the service? 

  • Jason

    I have.  I did provide a membership only area at one time.  People wanted to donate I don’t really want to accept donations unless I give something in return.  I might modify it though.  I appreciate the feedback.