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January 2018
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My Latest Book – The Scrounged Homestead

Sorry about the lack of podcasts and posts.  I’ve chosen to spend most of my time working on my homestead and writing. 

Fortunately I was able to finish my second book.  Its called “The Scrounged Homestead”. 

Here’s the summary I wrote for Amazon: 

Do you enjoy homesteading but hate the cost of the tools, equipment and supplies necessary to keep the homestead running efficiently?

Do you pine for days gone by and stories from your grandparents about using and reusing things until they wore out?

Do you lament the environmental damage done to our planet and want to do something about it?

The Scrounged Homestead is a cradle to grave book about taking things people consider trash and using it to build the best homesteading equipment.  Learn how to find these materials, how to secure a source and then how to turn them into treasured tools for a better homestead.


The book is divided into three sections:  An introduction to scrounging and general tips, a list of the materials and where to find each and finally a bunch of projects that you can build using the materials.  The book has close to 100 illustrations in it. 
For $7.99 you can purchase this book in PDF format (I tried to format it specifically for e-readers and tablets) here:

Buy Now

The hard copy of the book should be available at Amazon later this week.  Unfortunately it is not in full color because of cost considerations (I’d have to charge over $20). 

As with the last book I will be sending out review copies.  If you are interested please let me know.  If I sent you the last book and you failed to provide a review (via Amazon or otherwise) please don’t ask for a copy of this book.  All I ask is an honest review.

6 comments to My Latest Book – The Scrounged Homestead

  • Matthew N Gooseneck ga

    What a great title!

  • Valerie Neal

    What a great idea, I’ll add it to my Amazon wishlist.  We have been doing this for as long as I can remember, at least 27 years, and my dad did things like this when I was growing up.  I learned this from him as well as my grandparents, and both of my grandmothers parents.  I am so blessed to know each of them and treasure the memories and lessons I was taught from these wonderful people who worked hard and came through the great depression and shared those lessons learned with me.  My 14yo daughter asked me the other day for some pallets, and was stunned to learn all we needed was to load up the truck, she’s getting a stocked toolbox this year for Christmas so she can use scrap lumber to build what ever she wants.  Anyway, thanks for your time putting this together, I look forward to getting my hands on this and getting a new list of resources and ideas, we are always looking for “neused” ideas, like using 5 gallon buckets with the lids cut in a D shape and put on the bucket, then using them for laying nests for our chickens.

  • Valerie Neal

    Sorry, I forgot to sign in before hitting the post as button, I’m the one who commented second!  Have a great day, and thanks again!

  • Jason

    Valerie – I was raised this way as well.  That’s great you are teaching your daughter this stuff.  If we don’t pass it on who will?  You mentioned buckets – there are 13 projects and ideas for buckets alone in this book.  Pallet wood is also pretty thoroughly covered.  LOL


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