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February 2018
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Some Pictures of My Garden

I don’t normally share a lot of pictures of my garden because my garden isn’t “pretty” in the normal sense.  To me its beautiful in its “wildness”.  I see an ecosystem, not a bunch of rows of plants.  But anyway I felt it was worth showing some of these.  All of these are less than 1 week old.

Carpenter bee on a daikon radish flower

Honeybee on a dandelion. This is why I only pull up dandelions that are interferring with seedling growth.

Garbanzo beans

Okra seedlings


Jackson with the reset worm bin. This is a happy scream I promise.

Quinoa seedlings

I can't describe in words how happy I was to see this little miracle.

4 comments to Some Pictures of My Garden

  • Anonymous

    nice peas.  Looks a lot more progressed than mine 😀

  • Brian

    I see you planted Quinoa.  I thought this was supposed to be a more cold season crop.  Am I wrong?  What temps are you getting now?  How soon does it get hot there?

  • Jason


    I’ve got about a month before it starts getting really hot. My understanding is that quinoa won’t die out during hotter temps but rather the germination will be degraded.  The general rule I’ve always read is the northern half of the US it is a spring crop and the southern half its a fall crop.  The problem here is my problem with lettuce.  It gets too cold too quick and too hot too quick.  But I did save enough for fall planting.  This is just my test plot.

  • Matt Val

    everything looks good