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January 2018
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Alright folks I’m realizing some people didn’t quite think I could pull off the eBook so quickly and they might have delayed purchase of The Food Security Knowledge Pack thinking they had time.  Well I published The Process Oriented Gardener eBook this weekend.  It is for sale in the SSG Store tab for $7.99.

To give those who waited a few more days to take advantage of my previous offer I’m sending anyone who purchases The Food Security Knowledge Pack a free copy of The Process Oriented Gardener.  No catches involved.  You buy one.  You get the other.  The only condition…this sale ends at 11:59pm on Wednesday 3/16.  After that, The Process Oriented Gardener will only be available by individual purchase.

If you are curious what The Process Oriented Gardener is all about check out the sample pages and complete table of contents (all three pages!).

You can purchase The Food Security Knowledge Pack (more than 18 articles on fishing, hunting, gardening, permaculture and more) at the link above or by clicking the buy it now button below.

Two notes:  First, due to my day job, some of you might not receive the eBook link until the evening after purchase.  I apologize about that, my lack of foresight.  Secondly, some of the articles in the Food Security Knowledge Pack were adapted into The Process Oriented Gardener eBook.  Its a small amount but I didn’t want anyone to feel cheated by duplicate material.

ONLY $7.99!

Buy Now