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January 2018
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Status Update

I didn’t realize it had been nearly a year since I last posted until I came here to jog my memory about one of my exploits. Wow. I went from posting a podcast every other day to nothing for close to a year. But it was a good year and except for the worst winter in forever we got a lot done. So I realized at least for me I needed to have a status update on Serendipity Farm and everything that has happened.

I feel like the elephant in the room everytime I talk about my blog is when I will start podcasting again. Podcasting is a cruel b**tch that has broken my heart for the last time. I think the final straw was during the Midwest Sustainable Conference that Darby, Rick and I put on. I was talking to a guy and I told him I had a podcast. Basically I was begging him to listen. His response was: I’m a one podcast kind of guy.

And that, folks, sums up what I’ve been fighting against. I’ll do a post on being a diverse individual and gardener later. No this guy wasn’t the guy that killed the podcast. Don’t go thank him yet! I just realized that I’m a better writer than talker. An introvert probably should not have a podcast.

So with the elephant out of the way…

I’ve planted so much stuff! I’m really losing count of everything that’s been planted on the farm. Autumn Olives, (Real) olives, almonds, chestnuts, pawpaws, peach, apple, prickly pear, pomes, mulberry, grapes, raspberries, blackberries. And that’s just a sampling of the perenial stuff.

Secondly, production is starting to finally come up on the farm. We had copious harvests of shiitakes this year. I’ve got reishi, lion’s mane and oysters in as well. Just waiting for the rest to take off. I tried to count the rabbits I’ve harvested this year and I really just lost count. There have been so many. We haven’t made it through nearly 1/3 of what we canned last year.

Fermentation is awesome! My mom didn’t know what to buy me for Christmas and my wife suggested a fermenting crock. I’ve never had so much fun with a container! To date we have fermented sauerkraut, garlic, kim-chi and curtido. I didn’t know about curtido but an outfit called Fermenti catered the Midwest Sustainable Conference and they put this delicious relish on a sandwhich. My wife requested I try to make it. Wow. It blew me away. Recipe coming soon.

The insect activity at the end of the year was fantastic. We actually had another round of tomato hornworms come through. Fortunately the parasitic wasps came right afterward. I got tons of great photos for my entomology class. Speaking of which. I am now officially two semesters away from my degree in biology.

I lost “Joe” to Austin, TX this year. He moved, taking away my helper, fellow braintrust member and friend. What a selfish jerk! I’m looking for and think I found a new fellow collaborator though.

That’s it in a nutshell. So much more to say but I think its probably best if I focus on specific topics as they come up. Hopefully I’ll get to post more frequently than I was able to podcast.