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November 2017
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A Video Tour of My Food Forest (In Progress)

In fitting with the somewhat theme of this week (I did a show on System Design on Tuesday) I figured that today I would delay a podcast and instead . . . → Read More: A Video Tour of My Food Forest (In Progress)

Self-Sufficiency is a Myth – Or is it?


I like to look at my blog and podcast stats.  In fact I’ve been told that I obsess over them a bit.  That may be . . . → Read More: Self-Sufficiency is a Myth – Or is it?

Episode 127 Persimmon

Since I’ve been kind of out of step, going to the fair and all I thought it appropriate to do a show today about a topical and specific subject: Persimmons.

. . . → Read More: Episode 127 Persimmon

Episode 85 Stawberries

In this episode I talk about Strawberry plants.

*Where they come from.

*How they ended up in the shape they are in now.

*Where they figure in history.

*A . . . → Read More: Episode 85 Stawberries

Episode 83 Listener Feedback

Today I take another round of listener questions and feedback. *Two listeners with grapevine cuttings that had trouble with rooting.  What one did.  My thoughts on the method and what . . . → Read More: Episode 83 Listener Feedback